Sunday, December 5, 2010

Brewers Make First Offseason Splash, Acquire Marcum

The Milwaukee Brewers have acquired RHP Shawn Marcum from the Toronto Blue Jays.  Marcum was 13-8 last year with a 3.68 ERA.

News broke roughly a half hour ago on this deal and many holes in it have yet to be filled, but from what we know now is that Marcum is not any part of the Villanueva deal (no surprise really there) and that Brett Lawrie may be included in the package.

The first report was Lawrie for Marcum straight up, the second report was strictly pitching prospects heading to Toronto, and now the third that I've heard is a combination of prospects and Lawrie.  Time permitting, I hope to get you the full details on this deal tonight.

UPDATE (9:36pm) According to several sources, Brewers number one prospect Brett Lawrie is part of this deal and is headed to Toronto, RHP Nick Bucci is the other name being thrown around.


Winks said...

Sad to see that we lost Lawrie, but I think it was worth it. Nice to see Dougie getting things done.

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