Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Five Packers Make Pro Bowl, But Not Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers certainly does wear that Pro Bowl jersey well, although that will not be the case this season. Inexplicably, Rodgers was left off of the Pro Bowl rosters despite being one of the leading vote-getters just a few short weeks ago. Perhaps it was because of his injury and he sat out a game during the peak of voting time, but Rodgers will stay home because Michael Vick, Matt Ryan, and Drew Brees will all be in front of him (because of injuries and the Super Bowl, it's likely that Rodgers will end up being there, even though we'd rather have him not there because we'd rather have him preparing for the Super Bowl, but that's not what this article is about).

Vick I understand, he's an MVP candidate and I really think he's the best football player of all-time, although I'm probably overstating that a bit (a lot?). But Rodgers is a better quarterback than Matt Ryan, it's just that everyone happens to have a boner over Atlanta right now. Drew Brees sure didn't look like a Pro Bowl quarterback on Monday Night Football this week, and he's had an overall down year. The fact that Rodgers didn't get in is more surprising to me than the fact that Chad Clifton did.

That's right, Chad Clifton somehow made the Pro Bowl. Good for him though. He joins Greg Jennings on offense, although neither of them will start. The defensive side of the ball for the NFC will be very green and gold, as Clay Matthews, Nick Collins, and Charles Woodson have all been named starters. Again, we'd rather have no Packers in the Pro Bowl as that would mean we're preparing for the Super Bowl, but it's more about the actual nominations than the game itself.

Full rosters of both the AFC and NFC can be found here.


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