Friday, December 3, 2010

#FollowFriday: Anonymous Eagle

You've seen by now that if you're a college basketball fan, we're maybe not the place to come to (trust me, that is changing!). But in the meantime, I want to direct you to a site that does a pretty good job of following the team they love, and that would be the Marquette Golden Eagles. You see, here at The Bucky Channel we try to cover every sport and every team that plays within the Wisconsin borders. But over at Anonymous Eagle, they cover just the athletics of Marquette. And since Marquette really only has one team of note, they devote all of their coverage to the men's basketball team.

Personally, I'm more of a Badger guy, but I've finally come around on learning to love both of the major college hoops teams in Wisconsin, and Anonymous Eagle is usually where I go to for news regarding the team. They have great insight on the games, they're never too shy to bury Tom Crean, and it's the only site that I know besides that features the insight of one Dan Walsh (ps I miss the SportsBubbler more and more every day). Make sure you check out one of the finest sites for Marquette news, and follow their Twitter feed @AnonymousEagle.


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