Friday, December 10, 2010

#FollowFriday: BrewHoop

Last week's Follow Friday focused on our friends at the Marquette blog Anonymous Eagle, and this week we're going to stick in the SB Nation family and go with the Bucks representative over there, BrewHoop. I couldn't do this site without Gweeds and I love the work he does here, but we gotta give all the love in the world to Frank Madden and his crew at Brew Hoop. In addition to their usual pre-game analysis and post-game recaps, the site does a good job breaking things down during the week as well, although most of it lately has had to do with the Bucks struggles, of which there are a plenty.

But with their last-second win over the Pacers on Wednesday, perhaps things might be turning around for this young Bucks team. Whether they get it together and make a playoff run this season, or whether this year turns out to be another disappointing one, there's few places we'd rather get our Bucks news than Brew Hoop. They can be found on Twitter @BrewHoop

I'm not sure if they'll gain any followers from this short post, but make sure you check them out anyway!


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