Friday, December 17, 2010

#FollowFriday: Greg_A_Bedard

Since we're in Boston this weekend, we thought it'd be timely to give some love to former Packers beat writer and current writer for the Boston Globe, Greg A. Bedard. Bedard claims not to be a fan of any one particular team, but his coverage of the Packers while he was with the Journal Sentinel made him feel like one of us. Earlier this season, he left the JS to head out to Boston, and from what I've seen on Twitter Patriots fans realize just how good of a journalist they have on their hands. I gave up my journalism dream long ago, but if I were to continue it again someday, Greg A. Bedard would be one of the men I'd try to model myself after. 


Turtle said...

Gotta say, Bedard's still following the Packers and has tweeted on many games since leaving. He was a fantastically open guy regarding twitter. Great choice this week.

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