Monday, December 13, 2010

Hey Now, Hey Now, The Streak Is Over

Foolish me used to think that Brett Favre's streak of consecutive starts would end with him hoisting his second Lombardi Trophy as a member of the Green Bay Packers. Instead, it ended with him roaming the sidelines of Ford Field while wearing a black Vikings T-shirt. After 297 straight games as a starter, the "Will He or Won't He?" madness has finally come to an end, and that sound you hear all over the country is every one feeling indifferent about the whole situation.

If you've followed this site for any length of period, you've seen that my rage kicks up a notch when talking about Brett Favre. In time, I've realized that I was more mad about the polarization of Packers fans regarding this man than I was about any actions that Favre may have done himself. I also grew angry at myself for not being able to see through his bullshit, something which has become all too crystal clear ever since he's left Green Bay. I was convinced up until I saw the inactive card for Minnesota that Favre was still going to find a way to play this game. The more it sounded like he wouldn't be starting, the more I figured he would. But he didn't, the streak is over, and Favre's NFL career is likely over.

Now that the streak is over, I'm leaning towards saying we'll never see Favre take another snap in this league. First of all, he's not healthy, and with the streak now over he has no reason to rush things. Second of all the Vikings need to see what they have in this Joe Webb kid, since Tavaris Jackson clearly isn't the answer. Perhaps we'll see Favre make a start the last week of the season in Detroit as a ceremonial type gesture, but if not, Favre's last passes with the Falcons, Packers, Jets, and Vikings would have all been interceptions.

As for the future of this man, the day will come when the Packers retire is number, and the day will likely come when he returns to Lambeau Field. I'd rather see the Packers retire his number via a press release, but I'm sure if they wait long enough to do it enough people will fall back in love with our former hero. I can't say that I'll be one of those people, because I'm in no mood to forgive or forget. Despite having some good memories of Favre as a Packer, ultimately I have more negative memories of him both when he was with us and beyond. Favre is not a guy I'll be rooting for anytime soon, and I understand that while I'm in the majority now, I may someday again be in the minority.

No matter what happens from here on out with him, I think we can all agree in saying that we're glad this weekly drama is seemingly over.

Oh, and this is just fucking ridiculous.


Nick said...

Actually I was kind of hoping he started. For the Packers playoff chances you really want the Vikes to beat the Giants (fail) and especially the Bears. Actually I think it would be neat to cheer for Favre again. As much as I hate the guy, pretty much everything has gone wrong for him since the NFC championship game so my schaudenfraude (sp???) is running out.

I'm surprised you haven't posted about last night's Bucks game. Makes up for a little for that awful Lions game.

Turtle said...

Personally, I'm glad he came back this year so that the Packers could beat him and put him out to pasture. Obviously, the final nail was driven by someone else but it was good to see that the Packers won't have the cloud of Brett Favre, once beloved star, came back and whipped his former team into submission repeatedly.

This guy's shit has clearly fallen apart since leaving the insulated confines of Green Bay and I think it just shows how good he DID have it. Nobody's bigger than a team and no place is better than Green Bay...right Brett?

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