Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Can't See Real Well, Is That a Winning Streak?

Well by gosh it looks like it is. That is what we can call a winning streak my friends. Not going to lie, I didn't see the Bucks winning this game at all. Well was I wrong as the Bucks beat the Mavs 103-99. The Mavs have been hot winning 12 straight games, and they got out to an early lead, at one point leading 42-22 in the second quarter. Suddenly, I'm not quite sure how but the Bucks were able to start an 11-0 run. That has been a problem this year for the Bucks, they haven't been able to go on runs. But that sure changed Monday night as they put together another run in the fourth quarter, this time by the tune of 14 points.

This win was a very huge team effort by the Bucks, a kind of game I felt would have happened more so far this season. Two starters scored over 20 points, and three guys came off the bench to score in double figures. Milwaukee won points in the paint 52-38, and won bench points 54-36. This is how we thought this team was going to win games this season, and it's nice to see them finally do it.

Brandon Jennings had dinner Sunday night with Jason Kidd, and maybe Kidd told Jennings he needs to dish the ball out more. Not that I don't like Jennings scoring, but I love to see when he has ten assists in a game. He did that on Monday night as he finished with 23 points, 10 assists, and 5 rebounds. Dooling threw in 16 points and had four assists off the bench.

As you can see above, both Andrew Bogut and Ersan Ilyasova had plenty to cheer about as Bogut finished with 21 points and 14 rebounds. Ersan finished with 12 points and had two huge three pointers. Drew Gooden also returned to action and finished with eight points and four rebounds. As you can tell, the big men played a huge roll in this game for the Bucks.

For me, this game had two big surprises in it. The first was Chris Douglas-Roberts having a huge game out of nowhere for the Bucks. He finished with 14 points and five rebounds. He was just a nice spark off the bench for the Bucks. The second surprise was Dirk Nowitzki missed a bunny shot to have a chance to tie the game with 11 seconds to go. Not too many times do teams miss late against the Bucks in the first place, but this time Dirk missed an 8 footer with just a hand in his face. This is something we will take when we can get it.

Free throws by the big men were key late too. The only problem is it that the Mavs were more affected by poor free throw shooting than the Bucks were. Brendan Haywood was 0-4 from the line, before the Mavs were forced to take him out. Scott Skiles decided to just foul Haywood at one point in the fourth quarter, because he is a 26% free throw shooter. Andrew Bogut on the other hand was 1-6 from the line, but wasn't in the game late because he had already fouled out. The Bucks shot 14-20 from the line, which means Bogut had five of their six missed free throws. The Mavs were 20-27, and Haywood had four of the seven misses for them.

I can't say it enough, this was a huge win for the Milwaukee Bucks. We can't celebrate it that long as they play the Spurs already on Wednesday night. The Spurs are 20-3 on the season, so this will be another tough road battle for Milwaukee. If this Bucks team can keep playing as a team they can do some damage. If they somehow do beat the Spurs I wouldn't be able to tell you when the last time they went to Texas and won two games was, if it's even ever happened before. A win in San Antonio would also mean they would have pulled off the Texas three step, because they have already beat the Mavs and Rockets. Will the fourth straight win come Wednesday night? You will have to check it out at 7:30 Wisconsin time, on your favorite channel and mine, FSN Wisconsin.


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