Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is This The New A-Team?

Hey Gweeds, your picture only shows four people, so how can that be the Bucks new starting five? Well I couldn't find a picture with the guys above and Chris Douglas-Roberts, so please forgive me. By the end of the night though there's a very good chance I'll be able to find the photo I'm looking for. It will feature Jennings at the point, Salmons at shooting guard, CDR at small forward, Ilyasova at power forward, and Bogut at center. That will be your new line up tonight if and only if Bogut and Salmons are able to play. Here's hoping that they can.

Bogut has a migraine that held him out of the shoot around this morning, and Salmons has some back issues that will make him a game time decision as well. So if those two are unable to go you might be looking at a starting lineup of Jennings, Maggette, CDR, Ilyasova, and Gooden instead. I'm glad we got all these role players in the off-season, so we have people that can fill in like this for one game. This will make our bench a bit weak against the Spurs, a team that has got out to a 20-3 start this season. Obviously, we should all hope Bogut and Salmons feel better by game time.

Still hours away, there are a lot of questions going into what is kind of a big game for Milwaukee tonight. This would really be another confidence building win for the Bucks, and might be what they need to get a little more swagger before they head out to the west coast. The way that they've been playing lately leads me to believe that this may be the stretch of the year where they determine what kind of team they will be this season. And if we trot out the new "A-Team" tonight, I think the season will end up being a pretty successful one.


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