Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lemmy and Bucky Pick the Bowls: December 18th

There's something special about the bromance between us here at The Bucky Channel and our good friends at Stock Lemon, and we're teaming up this year for our edition of college bowl projections. Obviously, we'd much rather be doing projections for a college football playoff (which Mark Cuban apparently wants to fund) but for now we'll go with the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" approach. And thus, our college bowl projections begin:

New Mexico Bowl - BYU (6-6) vs. UTEP (6-6) - 2pm ET - ESPN 

Winks: I've made it a habit to never pick BYU in any sort of college football or college basketball pool, stemming from the fact that I dated a Mormon all throughout high school. Crazy lifestyle, that religion. But everytime I pick against them, they always seem to win, so I'm going to bite the bullet and go with them here. Neither team really has an impressive win on their belt, and this shouldn't even be a bowl game, but whatever.

Lemmy: Potential Free NCAA Football Pick Alert! We agreed to engage in a little friendly bowl pick'em with our friends here at The Bucky Channel, but if you had the UNDER on number of games we would pick before trying to pimp out site, you would be a winner! Just like our Free NCAA Football Picks (52% of the time...). At -12, BYU could qualify for one of our system plays, so obviously we will take them straight up. Just like the Mormon religion, BYU is very offensive and there is no way the injury-riddled Miners of UTEP will stop them.

uDrove Humanitarian Bowl - Northern Illinois (10-3) vs. Fresno State (8-4) - 5:30pm ET - ESPN - 

Winks: Northern Illinois has the better record, but I think Fresno State comes from the tougher conference and they get the nod. Sure, the bulldogs were shutout by Boise State, but they only lost to Nevada by a single point. And Nevada is good. I just don't think that the competition that Northern Illinois has played will prepare them for this game, something which I'm sure my buddy Doug Free disagrees with (buddy = partied at my house once in college, has no idea who I am).

Lemmy: This one is a little less of a sure thing. We are banking on a Northern Illinois collapse more than we are a powerful performance from Fresno on that all-nature Boise State bluegrass.

R + L Carriers New Orleans Bowl - Ohio (8-4) vs. Troy (7-5) - 9pm ET - ESPN

Winks: Before Ohio's loss to Kent State in the final week of the season, they were riding a seven game win streak, and had they won the final game I might have took them based on momentum. But Troy's resume impresses me more, especially the three point loss to Oklahoma State at the beginning of the season. Let's go with Troy in the nightcap.

Lemmy: On paper, this is a horrible slate of opening bowl games. The teams are less than marquee, but at least in the case of the Troy-Ohio showdown, they are evenly matched. Good for football viewers, bad for pick 'em participants (even worse for compulsive gamblers). We'll side with Troy here, paper thin defense and all.

Many thanks again to our friends at Stock Lemon, and make sure you check them out for their predictions against the spread this bowl season. Looks like we agree on all the games so far, let's see how long that keeps up. We'll keep teaming up with Lemmy here all the way up until the national championship game, so make sure you come back here for shitty analysis on all your mediocre bowl games!


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