Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lemmy and Bucky Pick the Bowls: December 22nd

Maaco Las Vegas Bowl - #10 Boise State (11-1) vs. #19 Utah (10-2) - 8pm ET - ESPN

Winks: In an alternate universe, Boise State never loses to Nevada and they make one of the BCS bowls, possibly the Rose Bowl against the Badgers. In another alternate universe, Boise State finishes the season as one of the two undefeated teams in the nation and plays for the national title. In another alternate universe, Boise State still finishes 11-1 but is playing tonight not in a shitty bowl game, but in the quarterfinals of the college football playoff system. In another alternate universe, there is no such thing as college football and we are all dead, so this exercise was kind of futile. But in this universe, Boise State is a way better team than Utah, so they get the nod.

Lemmy: In a Free NCAA Pick exclusive to The Bucky Channel (trust us, that's a big deal), we're not only going to take Boise State, but we're going to take them against the spread as well as it currently sits at 16 1/2 points. Hell, we'd take Boise State if the spread was as high as 80, this game is going to be ugly. Enjoy your free pick Bucky readers!


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