Friday, December 31, 2010

Lemmy and Bucky Pick the Bowls: December 31st

Meineke Car Care Bowl - South Florida (7-5) vs. Clemson (6-6) - 12pm ET - ESPN

Winks: Clemson has had one of those years where when they win, they really win. But win they lose, they barely lose (well, except to South Carolina). I like Clemson in this matchup only because I completely forgot that South Florida was in the Big East, which is not a good sign that they are a good program.

Lemmy: This is an interesting game, to put it nicely. Clemson is without their stud RB, but South Florida is without their stud QB. We'll go with the team that isn't starting a freshman at the most important position. Clemson it is.

Hyundai Sun Bowl - Notre Dame (7-5) vs. Miami (7-5) - 2pm ET - CBS

Winks: Unglue your television from ESPN, bowl fans, we have our first game this postseason not on the four letter network. Unfortunately, it includes Notre Dame, a team which is far from a national draw these days. There's really no allure there anymore, and Notre Dame isn't going to be a successful program again until they realize that. And not letting your video interns die during practice would be a nice start, too. Fuck you, Notre Dame. Although I am picking them to win.

Lemmy: No Randy Shannon can only mean good things for The U. Notre Dame has been playing inspired football as of late, but we'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the Saints in this one. Billy Joel! Plus, in a day where all four bowls involve a team from Florida, it would be a shame to shut them out.

AutoZone Liberty Bowl - Georgia (6-6) vs. #25 UCF (10-3) - 3:30pm ET - ESPN

Winks: Gotta love when a team starts 1-4 and still makes the "postseason". Even though you might blindly pick Central Florida because of the better record, you have to remember that Central Florida sucks. I like how Georgia has played this season, playing close with Arkansas and for awhile Auburn this season. Even though a 6-6 team has no business playing on the final day of December, I'm still going with Georgia.

Lemmy: Conference USA is a joke and everyone knows as much. Yet, Central Florida has a solid football team and is not going to be the pushover that some other teams in their conference are--like the team that plays at the site of the Liberty Bowl. All that said, a 10-3 Conference USA team usually is equal at best to a 6-6 SEC squad. In this case, they are not even close to equal. Without A.J. Green to start the season, this was a different football team in Georgia (almost as bad as a CUSA team). After a strong finish to the season, expect the Dawgs to continue that momentum in Memphrica.

Chick-fil-A Bowl - #20 South Carolina (9-4) vs. #23 Florida State (9-4) - 7:30pm ET - ESPN

Winks: I've been pretty gay over Florida State lately, but I'm not really sure why. I don't like the Seminoles, and I don't like the ACC. I'd probably take them against most other teams this bowl season, but not against their former rival in the ol' ballcoach. Steve Spurrier is still reeling after getting his ass kicked against Auburn, and I expect him to take his frustrations out on Florida State. South Carolina it is.

Lemmy: The old ball coach should have something in store for his former rival in FSU. We like the Seminoles, but we love the Cocks! Wait, that came out wrong. We are picking South Carolina.


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