Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Morning YouTube Potpourri

Saw this posting over at Zugzwang the other day, I thought it was timely enough to use as our Potpourri posting for the weekend. Basically, as much as I hate Brett Favre, The Bucky Channel can't seem to get enough of him. Anyways, few people have summed up the whole drama regarding Favre's exit from Green Bay and his time in the league thereafter better than sports talk radio host Steve Czaban has. Have a listen:

Quite honestly, I wrote this post on Wednesday afternoon to be published this morning, because right now I'm hammered somewhere lost on the streets of Boston. And as Favre's streak ended last weekend, I'm not sure yet if as of this posting Aaron Rodgers' short streak is going to come to an end as well. Did I really shell out nearly a grand for this trip to Boston to watch Matt Flynn get crushed on a Sunday night? We shall soon see (unless Rodgers is starting, in which case I look dumb here. Oh well. Just as long as someone gets me hope safe that's all I care about right now.)


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