Thursday, December 2, 2010

USA Awaits Word on 2022 World Cup Bid

I've always been a lover of Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton, and my love for him continues to grow as he's put himself at the forefront of the United States' bid for the 2022 World Cup (although I guess my boy Obama didn't really end up helping Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid). The former President was on hand in Zurich, Switzerland along with Morgan Freeman and Landon Donovan giving America's final pitch to host soccer's biggest tournament. We'll find out on Thursday just exactly how well they did.

America is the favorite to hold the World Cup for the first time since 1994, but the favorite doesn't always win. With the competition that they are facing though, it would really be mistake in my opinion if the Cup didn't go to the States. America is a perfect candidate for the World Cup no matter what year it is. We have the stadiums to support it, we have good weather during the summer months, great public transportation systems in our major cities, and most importantly we have a large population of fans for any country that would be involved in the tournament. We'd make FIFA a boatload of money, and I think that soccer has grown enough in this country since 1994 that we've shown we're a worthwhile candidate to host the Cup again.

The competition comes down to four other countries. Australia is promising to bring in robust profits as well, Japan says that they can deliver live 3D versions of the games or something, South Korea says that a Cup would bring peace to the region, and Qatar of all places says they can combat the 110-degree heat of the Middle East with self-cooling air conditioned stadiums. Really, if the USA doesn't win the bid against these rag tag countries, it's only because FIFA wants to show that they are thinking outside of the box instead of going with a proven winner. Which I guess, is exactly what FIFA did sixteen years ago when they gave the birth to the United States.

The decision will come sometime on Thursday, and we'll learn who will host the 2018 Cup then as well.


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