Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Week 12 Pack Fan / Bears Fan

Yep, the Packers lost but who expected a blow-out in THIS game? It was another 3-point loss…the fourth this season. All of the Packers losses have been by 3 points (two in overtime and two at the end of games). That’s pretty damn good folks. This team has been able to stay in every game no matter what the circumstances have been. Be happy and excited for what the future holds. That being said, let’s pick apart this game, shall we?

Pack Fan
  1. Rodgers in the 4th: Two forth-down conversions (one for the tying touchdown), a few scrambles to keep plays alive (which has become the norm) and a nice display of leadership carrying this team and ensuring receivers were in proper position led to what should be the removal of the labeling that he can’t get it done in crunch-time. Were it not for a Special Teams gaffe and following a long return, the outcome might have been different.
  2. The Passing Game: This may be a little late but, the passing game for this team has really improved. As you may remember, this team was struggling with drops and inaccuracy but it would appear that the team has put the loss of Jermichael Finley behind them and are finding their way.
  3. NOT A BAD LOSS: Listen, as was stated previously, all four losses have been by 3 points. The Redskins and Dolphins losses came amidst a point where injuries had just decimated the team and they were trying to put the puzzle back together while getting some players feet wet. The Bears loss can only be attributed to the fact that the Packers handed them the game with the team-record18 penalties (Congratulations! You think they each got trophies?). Rodgers showed he can be clutch when needed and despite the dearth of running help; the team had chances to win.
Bears Fan

  1. Special Teams: Really? Why must we continue harping on this? Yes, Masthay has improved the punt game but the kick-off coverage is still bad. The problem is not the penalty by Wilhelm; that was just stupid. The problem is the fact that the penalty happened near the 50 yard line! When the team required a stop, this unit couldn’t deliver. Oh, and Slocum also needs to remind Shields that he CAN take a knee in the end zone when he’s 5 yards deep.
  2. Running Game: Can it even be called that? That was mighty bad. Unless you’re quarterback’s last name is Vick, he shouldn’t be leading the team in rushing. However, before bitching about the fact that Thompson didn’t get Marshawn Lynch, take a look at his stats since arriving in Seattle. The Packers problems started with poor run blocking on Sunday and Nance’s concussion didn’t help.
  3. WE WON: Now, the Bears are a game up in the Division and also have a game in hand since beating the Packers in Week 3. After being handed wins early in the season (including the Packer game), this team has got some swagger and the defense is no joke. They’re healthy and they just slapped Michael Vick and the Eagles around. This season is shaping up to have one of the more epic endings in quite awhile.
The 49ers are coming to Lambeau this week...look forward to the throw-back uni's and quite bitching about the play-calling!


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