Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Week 13 Pack Fan / Bears Fan

As you may have heard, the Packers won the game against the 49ers. The "rivalry" has lost a bit of the luster it briefly had when Steve Young was still in the fold; slinging it to Jerry Rice and Terrell Owens but they still have a decent defense and it was certainly an interesting game. There were throwback uniforms, Packer fans finally got to see what James Starks brings to the table...oh and the first half was competitive. Let's look at a few pluses and minuses shall we?

Pack Fan

  1. James Starks: For those of you who are on Twitter and follow the likes of Jason Wilde, Rob Demovsky, Aaron Nagler, Packers Therapy, etc. you may have gotten the impression that these guys are fielding questions about James Starks like CRAZY! I suspect they're as relieved as anyone that McCarthy chose to roll his ass out there on Sunday and kick the tires; 18 carries for 76 yards worth of tire-kicking at that. He looked good and definitely gives that Packers another option at running back to go along with Dimitri Nance, who has looked good since getting a shot, and Brandon Jackson who is a proven commodity. It's definitely a good thing but don't get overly excited just yet. Give the guy a few games to give everyone a bigger sample-size. Going against the Lions front in the next game should give us a good idea of what he brings to the table.
  2. Throw Back Uniforms: Mixed feedback on these things. Most were definitely on one side or the other. You either liked them or hated them. Very few "meh" reactions but it's nice to see the Packers mix it up as they are one of few teams that have stuck to the same uniform design for as long as they have. Don't fuck this up next year, Nike!
  3. Turn-over Absence: This is the longest steak that the Packers have gone without giving up a turnover. Also, Aaron Rodgers is now second only to Bart Starr in terms of consecutive completions without an interception. This is a pretty outstanding stat after the begining of the season where Rodgers had thrown a number of questionable picks and fans were wondering what happened to the offense.
Bears Fan
  1. Slow Start: Once again this team got off to a slow start. Yes, they did move the ball fairly well in the first drive but stalled inside the 20 and Crosby doinked one off the upright (his first career miss inside 30 yards). Later in the second quarter, they got it going only to see the 49ers get a long touchdown from Vernon davis after a complete whiff by Nick Collins which allowed the half to end with the Packers only up by a single point as opposed to 8. It just seems this team plays to their opponents level at times. At least in the first quarter. Yes, these are all professional teams but the Packers are far superior to the 49ers and proved so in the second half on Sunday. This is how upsets happen and with the Bears continuing to win, this team can't afford any losses, let alone an upset.
  2. Cullen Jenkins is out: This guy is just having a tough time this year. He started the season by breaking his hand and has since been plagued by lower leg injuries. This week is no different as he went out on Sunday with a calf strain sometime after recording his career-high 7th sack. According to McCarthy, he'll be out for the Lions game and possibly the Patriots game the following week. Jarius Wynn and C.J. Wilson will need to step-up in his absence.
  3. Da Bears: Ha ha, we won again. Another win, another controversial call goes our way. Suh's incidential bump of Cutler's helmet cost these guys ANOTHER game against us. So, instead of sweeping up, they got swept. Man, are they going to be PISSED this week. What, they play the Packers this week? SWEET!
Yeah, the Lions will be mighty upset after what should have been a series sweep against the Bears. As previously mentioned, the Packers can't afford a let down so assume all games from here on out are must-wins. With the possibility of a dependable run game looming, a resurgent passing attack and an amped-up defense, the Packers look poised for a strong end of the season run.


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