Thursday, December 9, 2010

Week 14 Betting Lines

Another Packers win and I've put another tick in the plus column for me...BARELY. My tally last week ended up at 4-3 thanks to James Starks and Aaron Rodgers happy feet. Thanks to Chris and Dave at Packers Therapy, I've got another chance to expose myself as the complete fraud that I am. Speaking of Packers Therapy sponsored by, they had a very insightful episode this past week in regards to whether or not this team can win a Super Bowl with Mike McCarthy at the helm. They also discussed a vareity of topics submitted by listeners via their Facebook fan page, e-mail and Twitter. If you've got a topic you'd like to have them talk about, have an idea for an over/under or anything else, give them a shout.
On to the betting line fun. We've got 8 of them this week...and not a gimme in the lot.

James Starks Total Yards
Line: 75
McCarthy really surprised me last week by giving the pill to Starks 18 times. He apparently shocked himself as well since he said in the post-game press conference that he had planned to give him 8 to 10 touches. Starks was playing well and must have really impressed the coaches. Pretty good for his first game in 2 years and first ever in the NFL. I'm thinking McCarthy wants to see him even more this week and maybe see what he brings to the passing game. OVER

Interceptions by the Packers
Line 1.5
Last I heard, Matthew Stafford was doing light tossing towards the beginning of this week. I don't see that as a sign he'll be playing. Shaun Hill is out with a finger injury so Drew Stanton in the man this week. Now he did throw a touchdown last week and ran for another before finishing off "The Dougie" for good. He didn't play horribly against a good Chicago Bears defense and the Lions had a chance at a win taken away by a trigger-happy referee. I think the Packers will get him to make mistakes but I think he'll be cautious enough to limit the picks so I'll take the UNDER.

Packer Defensive Back Penalties
Line: 1.5
The Packers Secondary has played well and relatively penalty-free since the game in D.C. I think they'll continue to do so. It was noted by Dave on the latest Packers Therapy podcast that he thinks they'll have some due to them playing in a dome but that doesn't seem to have been an issue in their dome games thus far. UNDER

Receiving Yards by Charles "Megatron" Johnson
Line: 82
Wow, thanks, Chris. I wouldn't be surprised if you hit it on the head. Since Vernon Davis lit the secondary up last week and I don't think the Packers are going to run away with this game I'll take the OVER.

Touchdowns by Greg Jennings
Line: 2
Remember at the beginning of the season when we were all wondering what happened to Jennings? Yeah, well, nothing was wrong. This dude is on FIII-YAAA and while I think he'll continue to play well, 3 is a lot and I won't push so UNDER.

Masthay's Gross Punting Average
Line: 45.5
Excellent way of describing it last week. UNDER

Total Points
Line: 49
Like I said, I don't see this being a blow-out but I do think both teams will put points on the board as the last game between these two teams ended up with a score of 26-28 and a win for the good guys. OVER

Turnovers Committed by the Packers
Line: 2.5
As has been stated previously, the Packers are now on a team-record streak of games without a turnover. Obviously this streak will end eventually. It's inevitable but they don't have to spill the cart. They may have 1 or 2 but I have to take the UNDER.

There you have it. Am I a complete fraud? Yes, but hopefully I can keep that a secret for another week.


Winks said...

* I'm going over on Starks, only because my fantasy life depends on it.

* Going to take the over on the picks, with two.

* Over on DB penalties.

* Over on Megatron yards.

* Under on Jennings tds.

* Under for Masthay. Way under.

* Over on points.

* Under on TO's.

crichar3 said...

Thanks for playing along, Winks. The Packers Therapy Hotel and Casino appreciates your business...

Did you know about our Players Club and easy financing options?

Anonymous said...

I LOLed at the Masthay "gross" line. Nice work, love this column

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