Thursday, December 16, 2010

Week 14 Pack Fan / Bears Fan

Well, it's taking awhile to recover from that one. That game had to have been one the worst games I've watched from beginning to end. So, while the Packers defense played decently versus third-stringer Drew Stanton and special teams was fairly good, the offense took a step back...INTO A GIANT FUCKING PIT! What a complete disaster. This team had been playing well coming in but apparently the injuries caught up with them. Let's get it on and get it over with...

Pack Fan

  1. ...Ahh fuck it. Yeah the Lions only scored 7 but this was their third-string quarterback. This defense shut-out the Jets with Mark Sanchez who is, despite what some may say, better than Drew Stanton. Yes, they played a bad game at a bad time...but it was REALLY BAD. No Pack Fan this week!

Bears Fan

  1. Concussion #2 for #12: Aaron will eventually learn to slide. I understand he was trying to make a play and make sure to get the first down (especially following the bad spot during the Falcons game) but I would not begrudge him if he plopped down on his ass and kept playing. I'm pretty sure he'd have made a play later in the game.
  2. More Injuries: So...that line REALLY misses Cullen Jenkins. Anyone who said signing him is not a priority this off-season; you re-thinking that? Frank Zombo is out as well with a knee sprain. Most had never heard of Zombo coming into camp and unless you paid attention during pre-season games, had never heard of him until Brad Jones succumbed to the injury bug. Ever heard of Erik Walden? Yeah, me neither but he's your starter this week.
  3. No Practice for Rodgers: Oh, I forgot to mention, Rodgers hasn't practiced this week...and they don't expect him to. The guy hasn't even SEEN the gameplan this week. The Packers play the Patriots...with Matt Flynn starting. *SIGH*
  4. The Bears Play The Vikings: Let's see here...Favre's streak is over as is Tarvaris Jackson's since he's expected to be out with turf toe. Um, the Vikings signed Patrick Ramsey to back-up Joe Webb. Oh, and they'll be playing outside in Minnesota since the Metro-Mall of America-Humpy Dome collapsed...hmmmm who will that favor? *fuck*
  5. Play-off Scenario: Excuse me if you've heard this one...the Packers chances are getting slimmer by the minute. Bears need to lose-out and the Packers need to win-out. The Bears remaining schedule is as follows: at Minnesota, vs. New York Jets and at Green Bay. The Packers remaining schedule is as follows: at Patriots, vs. New York and vs. Chicago. Patriots are ROLLING, Minnesota is terrible and the Jets are falling all over themselves... *TEAR*
  6. Offensive Offensive Line: Wow, did they stink or what? Who thought we'd miss Colledge that much. Did anyone see McCarthy's line when asked about why Spitz was pulled? Strictly based on performance...ya think? I know they're improved but the Lion's defensive line should be headed to Canton if they played that well each week. What an abysmal showing. *stomach turning...feeling ill all over again*

Ok, so that was fun. I guess we root for the Bears, hope we have a new Matty Ice (one we can root for) and pray that Tom Brady's arm falls off...or he spontaneously goes bald...or his leg crumbles... *LARGE SIGH*


Anonymous said...

if we win out the bears can still win one

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