Friday, December 17, 2010

Week 15 Betting Lines

Before we get to the brief re-cap of last week and this week's slate, can I just point out that the Vikings have found a new way to screw over the Packers. Instead of trying to beat the Bears on Monday Night Football, thy will be trotting out a JV line-up thus throwing in the towel on the season. I guess Favre does get the last laugh...GAH!

Anyways, I went 2-6 last week thanks in large part to me buying into the James Starks hype machine. Don't get me wrong, I haven't given up on this guy. I think he's a quality player but fans need to realize who he is. He's a guy who missed 2 seasons, has only played in one NFL game and the NFL team he played against just wasn't good. Oh, I also thought the Packers would WIN the game. That was another HUGE contributing factor.

I am not alone as Packers Therapy (sponsored by listeners can attest; Dave shared my pain and my record as it turned out. I think all fans can sympathize with their struggles in processing what was witnessed this past Sunday. For those fans that struggle with the emotional roller-coaster that fan-dom can bring, tune in to these guys, they'll help even you out. On with the disaster.

This week the Packers head to Foxboro to beat up on the Patriots...what? They're GOOD? Since when? ... That long, huh?... What was that? Aaron Rodgers is not expected to play?...uhhh...this just got harder.

New England Point Total
Line: 35
Listen, the Packers are just hurting at this point and since I believe Rodgers won't be directing this offense, I don't see them sustaining drives and this Pats team is ROLLING. OVER

Sacks for Clay Matthews
Line: .5
The defense has been preparing all week to carry this team. Teams have been keying on Clay but I think he steps up this week and I'll take the OVER.

Sacks by New England
Line: 2.5
Matt Flynn, you poor bastard. OVER

Total Green Bay Rushing Yards by Running backs
Line: 58
They'll need help from the running game this week so I say they try to establish it early...they have to to have a shot. OVER

Special Teams Points Allowed (excluding Field Goals and Extra Points)
Line: 6.5
Brandon Tate is fast but Special Teams looked pretty good for the Packers last week so I'll take the UNDER.

Turnovers committed by Green Bay
Line: 2.5
Young, inexperienced quarterback versus young, inexperienced defensive unit. They got 4 interceptions out of Peyton Manning but I've got to follow my instincts which has actually gotten me no where... UNDER

Tight End Receptions
Line: 6.5
Oh Andrew Quarless, you confound me. Who is going to show up Sunday evening? UNDER

Total Penalties committed by Green Bay
Line: 6.5
We might have a sloppy track and I think the poor showing may have rattled this offensive line last week. On top of that we're looking at a new quarterback and Erik Walden starting for Frank Zombo who was Starting for Brad Jones. OVER

Well, there you have it. I appreciate the Packers Therapy Hotel and Casino for giving me another marker this week. As you can see, they're just pissing their money away.

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