Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Week 16 Betting Lines

Oh boy, we're getting end the end of the regular season where people start over-thinking every minute detail of each game to make sure they're in the black for the season. I'm back off the schnide after a "heroic defeat" by the Green Bay Packers Sunday Night. While I didn't have a clean slate, I'll take 5-3 all day following the 2-6 pounding I took in Week 14. For the record, in the 6 weeks that I've been doing this, my nose is just barely sticking out of the water with a 24-23 record. Last week's picks held up despite the fact that I thought the game would have a dramatically different look to it. As an FYI, I did not come up with the "heroic defeat" term for the Packers' play this week. That was from a listener to Packers Therapy; one who I must humbly disagree with. While it was good to see the team almost win, it was still a loss and the result could have and should have been turned had a few simple, rudimentary plays been made...but I digress.

Thanks again to Chris and Dave for providing the lines at the Packers Therapy Hotel and Casino bankrolled by Another great episode as always, however, I do have to eat my words a bit on something I said last week. While both Chris and Dave are die-hard Packer fans and the podcasts have an even-keeled view to the games, Chris did get a bit worked up this week so be warned. Following the game, I figured Dave would be the one to go on a rant but Chris beat him to it. Quality stuff though, as always. Also, if you're not yet listening to these guys then you're really missing out.
Anyways, on with the show. This week Matt Dodge and his New York Giants come into town after being run off the field following an epic collapse versus Philadelphia last week. As everyone should know by now, the Packers control their playoff destiny so this is a must win...Roll it!
Total Yards Accumulated by James Starks
Line: 34
This future Hall of Famer was dangled in front of the Green Bay faithful against the 49ers and Lions but was a seemingly healthy scratch for the New England game. It's quite hard to say why he was inactive but the running game did splendidly without him. The big question is why was he inactive? What's the reason and will it be the same this week. As far as the active roster goes with this coaching staff, this is a coin flip...especially this year. McCarthy and Co. keep their cards close to the vest but seeing as this is a home game with huge implications, I'll say McCarthy keeps him inactive to bolster the defense. UNDER

Total Rush Yards for Green Bay Running Backs
Line: 68
Green Bay had 131 rushing yards from the running backs on Sunday night versus the Patriots. However, the Giants only allowed 67 to the Eagles running backs if you discount Michael Vick's 130 rushing yards. Of course, this was also in a game where the Eagles were playing catch-up for a good chunk of the first half and all of the second. I think the Packers will continue to prioritize the running game and I'll take the OVER.

Interceptions by Eli Manning
Line: 1.5
Like Chris said, he's always good for at least 1 turnover a game. Packers dropped a few sure picks against the Patriots. This is a must win and the Packers defense has to hold onto the ball to win. I'll take the OVER.

Receptions by Greg Jennings
Line: 6.5
Before Rodgers went down with the concussion, it seemed like he and Jennings were sharing a brain. They were finally sync'd up and it was lethal for opposing defenses. However, it's tough to say what Sunday will bring. They weren't looking great in Detroit before Aaron when out and he didn't play well against the Dolphins following his last concussion. However, Jennings did grab 4 from Flynn in the last game. Maybe Rodgers came back too soon last time...I'll go with that. OVER

Total Points for The New York Giants
Line: 23
Tough call here as that is a good number. Push-worthy for sure but I'll go OVER. They put up a bunch pretty quickly against Philadelphia.

Touchdowns for John Kuhn
Line: .5
I like hearing the "KUUUUUUUUUUUUHN" more now that he's toting the pill on a handful of occasions as opposed to sharing the spotlight with BJax or Jim's brother-from-another-mother, Dimitri. It's a toss-up but I hope the Packers have worked on their goal-line offense and he can actually pound one in. OVER

Sacks by the Defensive Line
Line: 1.5
BJ "The Beast" Raji had 2 against ol' Tommy Boy but Cullen Jenkins is a maybe for the Bears game so he's not going to be available and the guys filling in for him aren't exactly setting the world a-flame. I think they get one but I also thin Clay get's one as well. However, Clay's not a defensive lineman so UNDER.

Punt Return Yards by Tramon Williams
Line: 37
A sore spot for the Giants this week for sure. I think Matt Dadge will learn to kick it where the coach tells him to. Tramon is great, but he's not Desean Jackson and I have a feeling punt coverage had a little extra emphasis on it this week in New York. UNDER

Another tough week but hopefully this game will actually some-what resemble they way I think it will. Can't say it enough...must win game. The Packers have to play a great game to ensure they're still playing after the Week 17 game against Chicago.

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