Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Week 16 Pack Fan / Bears Fan

One down, one to go...officially. In all reality, the Packers have been in the playoffs since the loss to the Patriots. One loss in the last two weeks of the season and the season was effectively over. Yes, the Packers can still get in with a loss and some help but for this team to have a real shot they need to have some momentum.

This latest win over the Giants is a confounding one. Is this a good win or are the Giants in a free-fall? Did we learn anything about this team or did they just roll over a team that was crushed by the collapse at the hands of the Eagles the week before? These are questions fans may never learn the answer to but one thing is for sure...the offense played well. Whether or not the Giants defense played poorly, Rodgers played well and this offense looked like it did back in week 13. It wasn't all gravy though...let's get to it, shall we?

Pack Fan
  1. Rodgers is back: As opposed to the Miami game following his first concussion, Aaron Rodgers looked great against the Giants. With a regular season career-high 404 yards and 4 touchdown passes, he looked like a guy who is going to make sure this team makes it back to the playoffs.
  2. Running Game: It wasn't spectacular but they got the job done and it made the play-action part of the passing game flourish. Hopefully McCarthy has got something here and they're clicking at exactly the right time.
  3. Defense: Another sack by BJ Raji, 4 interceptions of Eli Manning, 90 rushing yards for the Giants and only 17 points allowed...pretty darn good. These guys are playing well despite the late-season injuries to Jenkins & Zombo. These guys will probably be lining up again in week 17 as both haven't been able to practice much if at all.
Bears Fan
  1. Bears Confidence: Okay folks, it's down to the last game of the regular season and the Bears are still playing well...when is the collapse coming? No one believes in these guys...except for these guys. Hell, God could be against them but as long as the players believe they're winners, things will go their way. The Bears aren't going to lose it, the Packers need to win this game.
  2. Penalties: Week 3...Packers team-record 18 penalties. Since then, this team has, for all intents and purposes, turned it around and are now in line to set another team-record for fewest penalties in a season. Many would say this is a positive...and it is. However, I worry that there may be another landslide of penalties and wouldn't it be ironic and horrendously embarrassing if this team buzzes past that possible record, commits 10+ penalties and loses because of it.
  3. Special Teams: Ugh...the Packer struggles coupled with Devin Hester is almost enough to turn one's stomach. This guy is THE most dominant kick returner in the NFL, possibly ever. He housed one in that September game and has since claimed his NFL-record 14th return. He's the X-factor in this game, period and if Shawn Slocum's crew isn't ready and play him poorly, the season will be over for the green & gold.
Ok, so the Bears Fan POV was all about the upcoming game but there wasn't a lot to be concerned with regarding the Giant game. This team was left for dead midway through the season after the injuries really started piling up...for them to make it to the playoffs and in turn, make some hay will be an outstanding accomplishment for this team and will validate the strength of this team's depth and how well the team is set for the future.


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