Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome to the Winter Meetings

Welcome to the winter meetings 2010, easily the best three days you can have in the middle of winter regarding baseball with your clothes on.  The meetings themselves run today through December 9th and I hope to keep you up-to-date on all the news that comes out of them regarding the Brewers, so without further adieu, lets get started.

The Brewers made their off-season voice heard last night acquiring Shaun Marcum from the Blue Jays for top prospect Brett Lawrie.  A move loved by some, hated by others, but once the season starts and you see a "now" impact being made, I think it will sway your mind.  Marcum has a career ERA of 3.85 over five Major League seasons and was Toronto's number one starter since the departure of Roy Halladay.  Marcum is not a household name at all, but in my opinon, he should be.  Marcum was 13-8 last season with a ERA of 3.64, he also had a 4.5-1 strikeout to walks ratio, something I know Doug Melvin had to like in him.  Now besides the nice stats and upside of Marcum, the other beautiful thing is he is under the Brewers control until 2012 and he cost a mere $800,000 for those two years.

Another name coming out of Milwaukee that seems to be attracting a lot of attention is Lorenzo Cain.  This is where you inhale and hopefully we exhale in three days and he is still in Wisconsin.  Cain is slated to compete with Carlos Gomez and Chris Dickerson for the everyday starting CF job next year and has been one of the top prospects for the past three years.  Now Doug Melvin's asking price is not cheap on Cain, he is asking a Major League ready starting pitcher in return.  Atlanta has been the first to inquire about Cain, but I really do not think anything will come out of this.  I am sure Melvin will entertain offers, but not even he is dumb enough to move our future.

In a somewhat off-the-wall idea, the Brewers indeed did talk to the Dodgers about James Loney today.  You would have to imagine Loney would only ever be an option for the Brewers if they ended up moving Prince Fielder in the next few days.  You would have to seriously speculate that the Dodgers would not imagine moving Loney for the simple fact that it would just be too expensive to replace him right now on the open market.

Well, that's it for right now folks, strap in through, three more days.


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