Friday, December 17, 2010

We're Shipping off to Boston

I can't remember the last time I've woken up this early (it's 4:17am Thursday morning). Usually around this time I'm just getting to sleep (get it? because I'm such a wild drunk and I'm having a great time living in the social life of North Fond du Lac that my bedtime usually doesn't come before 5am?) Yeah, it's clear that I need a change of scenery for awhile. The prescription for that is a trip to Boston this weekend, as we'll be taking our annual Packers road trip to the Northeast. In years past, me and some high school cronies have traveled to St. Louis, Nashville, and Cleveland, and we decided that there'd be no better way to spend trip four than by going to Boston in the dead of winter.

At the time we signed up for this thing, we had no idea that instead of seeing the Packers trying to clinch the NFC North we'd more likely be witnessing the first career start of Matt Flynn (although it could have even been Brian Brohm starting this weekend if he wasn't terrible; who knows, we may even see some Graham Harrell snaps this weekend as well). The game itself is just part of the experience of the road trip, although it really is the only reason that we go. I have been about as optimistic as you can be about the Packers this season, but I don't think there's any chance we beat New England on Sunday night. I even put sixteen points on the Patriots in my confidence pool, and I take the Packers every week. But because of the likelihood that Aaron Rodgers may not start this game, I'm going to have to have the time of my life from now until kickoff in that city to make this trip special.

Not much will change around here while I'm gone, although Gweeds is coming with me (we're inseparable) so we may be light on the Bucks posts. I have a couple of posts that will automatically pop up throughout the weekend, including the start of our college bowl predictions series on Saturday. I'm sure the rest of the gang will keep you up to date on the goings on throughout the world of Wisconsin sports, so make sure you check back often. I'll come back with a game recap Monday and rumor has it a Winks Thinks article might be in the works as well. And if I'm not too hammered, I'll post semi-regular updates on Twitter while I'm there (remember, @thebuckychannel). And now, the most predictable song that I could play as I head out to Beantown:


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