Monday, January 3, 2011

Behind Again on Bucks News

Again I'm behind on Bucks news, but for good reason. I have been on a drinking bender since my birthday on December 29th.. LeBron James on the other hand had his Birthday the day after, and got a sweet cake like the one you see pictured. I turned 27 only to drink more then I used to when I was 26, and LeBron turned 26 only to be making many more millions then I will ever make. I think he also makes me feel worse on my birthday knowing he is one year younger, as he is basically set for life.

Okay, sorry for my mid life crisis that I just ranted about. Lets get back to Bucks news, (but really who the hell needs a cake like this. My Ho Ho cake I got for my birthday is just as good as any other cake). First off I would like to say Happy New year to all the Bucks readers, and second I would like to inform you that the Bucks are 1-0 in 2011.

Saturday night Milwaukee took down the Dallas Mavericks for the first win of the new year 99-87. So I figure most of you watched the Badgers lose in the Rose Bowl, but the Bradley Center did have two Wisconsin victories on New Years Day. The Marquette one I can talk about during a  different time, but for now lets focus on this Bucks team. Things that I saw that I liked about Saturday's game... well crap, I was very hammered, and don't recall most of the game. I do remember this little tiny guy that just kept scoring for the Bucks. I also recalled a guy named Butler getting hurt early in the game.

Okay, okay. I think this is starting to come back to me a bit. Caron Butler went down for the count with a knee injury, and Earl Boykins went on a scoring rampage for the Bucks. Boykins missed the game prior due to a suspension, and boy did the Bucks need him in the first game of 2011. He finished with a season high 26 points, and also had six assists. John Salmons also made some big shots, as he finished with 21 points, six rebounds, and five assists.

The guards picked up the scoring on a night when Bogut only took nine shots. Tyson Chandler has been huge for the Mavs this season, but no one really knows about him because he doesn't fill the stat sheet. What he can do is work hard on the defensive end of the court, and he was the one to credit for limiting Bogut's shots. With no Dirk and Butler getting hurt this was a must win for the Bucks. Always nice to get a little bit of a free win, but they will face the Heat Tuesday and then the Magic Wednesday, so the road definitely gets tougher.

The schedule just seems to be getting harder, and no one is really coming back from injury. Drew Gooden might return January 11, and Jennings said he is not going to rush back. Who knows where the hell Delfino is. I just think if this team can float around that 8th seed then can still make a run at it, but with the Heat coming up I could see that being tough. Lebron/Wade/Bosh have it going on right now winning their last 11 games. The Bucks will look to stop that 6:30 Central time Tuesday night.


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