Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bucks Got "Bonner-ed"

Defensively I've realized that the Bucks usually do a very good job with focusing and shutting down their opponent's main go-to guy. The only problem with that is usually one of said opponent's role players is able to step up and make the most of his opportunity. Matt Bonner was that guy on Wednesday night. He made some big three point shots, and also made the worst looking running ever, and that was the shot that put the Bucks away for good late in the 4th. The Bucks had control in the first half, but were just not able to shut down Bonner in the second. The Spurs were able to sweep us this season with a 91-84 win Wednesday night.

An extra day of rest (no game in Atlanta Tuesday night due to weather) allowed Andrew Bogut and Drew Gooden to get back into the line up. Gooden didn't start, but was able to play 10 minutes. He finished the game with 8 points and 3 rebounds. He didn't look like himself though, so I hope he can slowly start to turn it around here. Bogut on the other hand was coming back from just a one game absence and was able to keep his steady play going. He finished with 15 points, 14 rebounds, and 4 blocks.

Ultimately, this game was lost on the three point shot for the Bucks, of which Matt Bonner definitely had a hand in. Milwaukee was only 3-9 from downtown, and the Spurs on the other hand made 7-18. Eleven turnovers also hurt the Bucks, and they had a lot of empty possessions down the stretch. Late in the fourth, Milwaukee was stuck on 72 points for four minutes and 24 seconds. If they could have scored at all during this time, maybe that could have changed this game in the Bucks favor.

In addition to Bonner, the Spurs also got another good game out of Manu Ginobili on Wednesday night. He finished with a game high 23 points, and also threw in 7 rebounds and 4 assists. Richard Jefferson was back at the Bradley Center, and well, he played just like he did when he was there. He finished the game 0-5 from the field, and didn't score a single point. He used to be a top scorer for his team, and now he was on the court for just 28 minutes. I think he needs to jump on the retirement train soon.

Maybe the bullshit traveling the Bucks had to do to Atlanta caught up with them in this game (the game was cancelled until after the Bucks had landed in Atlanta) but that is something they have to deal with. The next three games are all against teams that are not doing very well right now, so I hope to post about some wins in the next week. Milwaukee will head to Philly on Friday night to take on the Sixers, so let's hope the Bucks can start taking care of some business.


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