Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bucks/Hawks Postponed Tonight

Looking at the picture above, you would think the game between the Bucks and the Hawks was scheduled to be played in Milwaukee tonight. You'd be wrong if you guessed that, because it was actually Atlanta, and nearly the entire southeast for that matter, that was hit with a snowstorm. I find it funny that these people in the South have no clue what to do when they get a little snow. I guess because they don't have snow plows it makes it hard, but still, what the hell is that truck thinking? Looks like the South's inability to deal with winter is going to affect the Milwaukee Bucks, as their game against the Hawks tonight has been postponed until March 15th.

It might be a blessing in disguise that this game is getting moved back, because even though they are coming off a big win in New Jersey 115-92, the Bucks are still pretty banged up. Andrew Bogut was out the previous game, which brought the unconventional start of Ersan Ilyasova at center. With Bogut, Delfino, and Jennings all out winning any game on the road was huge. Chris Douglas-Roberts had another big game again as well, but   Ilyasova was the story, notching a double-double in what I would guess was his first start at center in his career. The Bucks may have got away with one, because they were playing the Nets they could go small. The Nets are not a huge team, so it worked out for them Saturday night.

Bogut was scheduled to go tonight, but a little more rest for the big man can't be the worst thing. Drew Gooden was expected to be a game-time decision, so he'll get more time to rest as well. In other injury news, Carlos Delfino shot around before the Heat game January 7th, so that is good news. Jennings is still out, but also still in the giving mood from Christmas. It would be nice to get him back towards the end of the month.

Add this game to the list of cancellations due to weather lately. Talking with Winks a little bit, he doesn't really think that the weather is any worse than in year's past, but rather that cancelling and postponing games seems to be en vogue right now. He also said, "The people in the South are pussies. I don't care if you put that in. Get a fucking shovel and go to work." I think he was kind of upset about something, so I left him alone.

If you're still in a basketball viewing mood tonight, the Badgers take on Sparty at 6pm on ESPN. The Bucks will be in action tomorrow night at home, tipping off against the Spurs at 7pm. Hopefully Atlanta isn't too soft to host an NFC Divisional game this weekend. 


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