Friday, January 7, 2011

#FollowFriday: Gasser is Our Hero

I'll admit it, I am crap for Badgers basketball updates right now. Maybe there is just too much else going on in the world of Winks (laughable), but not only am I not providing Badgers coverage, I'm barely even watching the games. I know they lost to Illinois the other day, and I think they beat Michigan on Wednesday. So an average week I guess. I'm doing pretty bad with Marquette coverage, although I did see Bob Huggins at a bar on New Years' Eve before West Virginia's big showdown with the Golden Eagles. I only saw Huggins drink one beer though, and he left by nine.

Anyway, one quick easy way to get coverage on both teams is by following our new friends @GasserOurHero. Their bio: Wisconsin doesn't need Vander Blue because they have Josh Gasser, Our Hero. Pretty self-explanatory, if you ask me. Not sure how our friends @AnonymousEagle feel about it, but maybe it's just one of the many inter-Twitter wars that I've yet to get into.

Anyway, @GasserOurHero has two followers as of this posting. If we can't double that, well then I might just need to get off of the social networking site all together. Maybe even this.

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