Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How Bad Could It Be?

I know Wisconsin sports have their up and downs, but thank God we are not fans of any Cleveland sports teams right now. Because to answer my own question above, it could be real bad. As Wisconsin fans, things aren't always pretty. We have to deal with Wisconsin Badger football, a program that always seems to do well all season, but blows it against one or two teams. The basketball team has shown us this season already that they just can't close games out. The Packers can make dumb play late in the game, and they had six losses this season. The Milwaukee Bucks got our hopes up this off-season, but injuries have brought us back to reality. The Milwaukee Brewers are in a off-season of just bring in monster names, but I for some reason have feeling that it could turn into Bucks-like injury riddled year. I'm not saying I want that to happen, but getting our hopes up only to be let down is just the nature of Wisconsin sports. We may not have the best of luck, but even still, we never really have disappointment to the max. Poor Cleveland.

What happened on Tuesday night in Los Angeles to the Cleveland Cavaliers I would never be able to handle as a fan. The Lakers beat the Cavs 112-57, and you really should check out this box score. The plus/minus category is funny if you look at the starters for both teams. The team lost one player in LeBron, and now the whole city almost feels like it should just give up on sports. The Browns showed so signs this season that they could be a force in the next few years, but for some reason gave up on Mangini. I really think that getting beat the final four games of the season really hurt them long-term, but the last game against the Steelers was a joke. The Browns lost 41-9 to a team that was already in the playoffs, and worst of all they lost to them at home. The Indians had a great season in 2007, but injuries killed the 2008 season for them. Since they were so bad they traded C.C. to the Brewers, and now seem to be a team that is always rebuilding. Only a city that is so bad at everything could have a AL Central Champion in 2007, and then finish 69-93 in 2010 to finish 4th in the Central.

So just remember when you are watching Wisconsin sports that yeah, we will have our ups, and sure we will have some downs. The most important thing is there is always a good chance we can come back from it to make the best of it, and still give ourselves a chance to make a run at a title. In any sport. It might seem like a long time since we have won something big, but only one team wins the championship every season. I guess right now, if you really want to root for a winner, you could always move to Boston or Los Angeles. I guess the way I see it is - 1) I don't have the looks or money to live in Los Angeles 2) I don't have the skill to pick up whatever language it is they speak out there in New England (also they are dicks). So next time one of your Wisconsin sport teams have a rough game, just remember it could be much worse if you happened to live somewhere else. The number place that always makes me feel better is Cleveland, because well Cleveland Sucks. It's clear that maybe they don't really rock, as the song would suggest. Speaking of songs...


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