Friday, January 7, 2011

Lemmy and Bucky Pick the Bowls: January 7th

AT&T Cotton Bowl - #11 LSU (10-2) vs. #17 Texas A&M (9-3) - 8pm ET - FOX

Winks: This contest is becoming a bit of a runaway, as I am currently holding a 19-12 record, while Lemmy is rocking a 16-15 clip. He's (or she?) still has a few games to catch up on me, but I'll forgive my little lemon-headed buddy if he/she feels to at least skip watching some of the remaining games. This game tonight is at least presentable as two ranked teams battle it out. Still, we can't get over the fact that college football is preaching tradition, yet the Cotton Bowl - a New Year's Day classic - is now somehow on a Friday night seven days into the new year. As much as we love our boy Mike Sherman (still want to seem him team up with Holmgren in Cleveland), we're going to go with LSU, a team that really is just two days away from the title game.

Lemmy: Who can stop Ryan Tannehill!? The Aggies QB is 5-0 since claiming a spot under center for Texas A&M and the Ags like him to win them one more at the site of this year's Super Bowl, Texas Stadium. We would be nothing without our shameless plugs, so we'll remind you to check us out during the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl (like, say, now) as we once again pull out all the stops with our Super Bowl props. But as for the Cotton Bowl, we think LSU can and will stop Tannehill. In fact, he will likely have nightmares of LSU's Patrick Peterson for years to come. And hey, be sure to check us out over at Stock Lemon to see if the Tigers (-2) are a Free NCAA Football Bowl Pick, which boast a 7-1 (88%) record this bowl season--though you wouldn't know it judging by our unimpressive picks contest here with The Bucky Channel.


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