Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lemmy and Bucky Pick the Bowls: January 9th

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl - #15 Nevada (12-1) vs. Boston College (7-5) - 9:00pm ET - ESPN

Winks: Ripping on the names of bowl games is too easy, so we'll take a pass here. As much as I'm chomping at the bit to make fun of this one, I don't want to bit off more than I can chew. I'm really starving to make a selection here, as this game is a nice dessert after a weekend of NFL football. Ah, fuck it. Nevada. 

Lemmy: The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, eh? Bowl games already weren't horrible enough without subjecting us to these agendas? Granted it's a good cause, but what about our hunger for a good bowl game? Great idea to have these subpar bowls compete against the NFL's wild card weekend, even if this game isn't until 8 p.m. central. Oh, and Nevada is going to kick the shit out of Boston College.


Winks said...

Damnit, this wasn't supposed to post this soon. Lemmy's pick will be up shortly!

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