Thursday, January 20, 2011

NFC Championship Game Betting Lines

Ok, let’s get this over with…I went 7-1 last week, BOOM! Now, I wasn’t the only one as I’ve been forced to share the High Roller Suite with 2 other Packers Therapy listeners (Gabe & Green Bowl Packer). I could have had a clean slate had I copied the lines down correctly but I’m not going to complain. A 7-1 record is pretty fantastic in my book plus we were all able to take turns at the buffet. Also, let me mention Winks rolled in with a respectable 5-3 so it was a good week for everyone…except Matty Slush. Dave came in with and even 4-4 which is not a bad score but I believe he underestimated this Packers offense and expressed such on the latest episode of Packers Therapy sponsored by and hosted by

This week, the Packers take the short trip to Soldier Field and it’s icy, concrete-esque playing surface. I see this game progressing in a similar fashion as the 2 previous match-ups this season. It’s going to be close but the field will not be as much of a factor as everyone has made it out to be for the Packers. It’s going to be tough for both teams but enough with the yada, yada, yada…let’s get to the gambling!

Aaron Rodgers Quarterback Rating
Line: 90
In the previous 2 Bears-Packers games, Rodgers has produced ratings of 92.5 & 89.7. In both games he had a touchdown and an interception. The Packers are a VASTLY different team from week 3 of this season and arguablely different from week 17. Rodgers is rolling and I’m going to have to take the OVER here. I don’t see him putting up a 140 but something in the 90’s is a valid expectation.

Jay Cutler Interceptions
Line: 1
Lotta talent, lotta dummy…look at This defense is playing well and they’ll catch the interceptions they dropped earlier this season. It’s a push number but I’ll take the OVER.

Sacks by Green Bay
Line: 2.5
The defense threw a 5-spot up on the Falcons who have a better offensive line. The Bears line has played better since the beginning of the season but so is the Packers defense. They had 3 in week 3 and 6 in week 17…OVER.

Sacks by Chicago
Line: 3.5
I don’t think Rodgers will play the part of Houdini as well this week as he did against the Falcons. On the other hand, the Bears have only sacked him 2 times this season. Rodgers has to be cognizant of the firmness of the turf and can’t give them the opportunity to slam him into that field. Tough number but I’ll go with the UNDER.

Made Field Goals by Mason Crosby
Line: 2.5
Tough field…tough defense. I don’t think he’ll fail but I see 3 as a big number in this game. UNDER

Green Bay Penalties
Line: 6.5
Same line as last week…and they squeaked under it. I think they’ll go UNDER it again.

Plays on Offense for BJ “The Freezer” Raji
Line: 0.5
This was a pleasant surprise last week. This game is going to be tough and if they get into a whatever-and-goal from 2 or less, he’ll be in there. I see there being at least one situation like that. OVER

Difference in Score
Line: 4
This is going to be a close game throughout but I think the final score will have a greater difference than 4. OVER

Can you believe that this team, depleted by injuries…at one point DECIMATED by them…is playing for a chance to go to the Super Bowl. This is a resilient team, a talented team and a team with loads of momentum. I think Packers fans can look forward to Super Bowl Media Day with the Packers cast of characters.

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