Friday, January 7, 2011

Playoffs Round 1 Betting Lines

Wha-what time is it? What day is it? Sorry, I must have really tied one on the other night...I completely slept through Thursday. With the free booze and the comfy bed in the Presidential Suite at the Packers Therapy Hotel and Casino (sponsored by, I over-indulged and lost track of time. Another week in the black (5-3) will do that to ya. To defend myself a little, I should be taking advantage when I can, right? I mean, I may not (read: probably won't) be here for an extended stay so you HAVE to ride the hot-streaks to debauchery when you have the chance, right?

Anyway, thanks to Chris and Dave (and for another week in the lap of luxury...perhaps I can extend it once again. This week's episode found manic Dave back on the bandwagon, loving all things Packers...except of course McCarthy's playcalling and Ted Thompson's...well, he just doesn't care for ol' Ted. It wasn't the purdiest win...a few turnovers, anemic offense, Rodgers running again (YEEEE!!) and a playoff berth on the line, I can't be the only one who white-knuckled his remote Sunday afternoon! But, the Packers did enough to win with another outstanding effort by the defense that made plays when it counted...and made sure Jay Cutler threw 2 picks.

As an interlude...complete sidebar here...I know, disrupts the flow of my melodic writing, I apologize...but is Jay Cutler not THE MOST depressed multi-millionaire athlete? Holy shit son, you just got drafted....someone just overpaid for your can't force a SMILE?!!??! There's a topic for your next show, boys!

Ok, this week the Packers travel back to Philadelphia and play a very different team than the one they beat in week 1. Michael Vick has the reins full-time and while his play as of late hasn't been stellar, he's a serious MVP candidate. Let's see what the Sports Book has in store for us this week.

Number of Sacks on Michael Vick
Line: 1.5
Most of us have heard the reports of Vick spending all last week and parts of the week before that studying the Packers defense. I'm sure they've been working on their blitz pick-up and all all but the Vikings sacked him 6 times in their Tuesday Night Football win. Don't over-pursue and press up-field too much fellas! OVER

Rush Yards by Ron Mexico
Line: 75
In a little over a half, Vick had 103 yards rushing in week 1. The Packers probably expected to see this guy maybe 10 times in that game. They've had much more time to plan for him but I think he's so dynamic that I think he may resort to running more if the defense is able to contain Jackson, Celek and Maclin so I'll take the OVER.

Interceptions by Green Bay
Line: 1.5
I don't care how long this guy studies, Dom Capers has been around a lot longer than Michael Vick. He'll see stuff he wasn't expecting at some point plus running around, looking for receivers tends to produce sloppy throws...just hold onto the ball Nick. OVER

Carries by James Starks
Line: 9
This guy runs the ball hard but will he be active. Does McCarthy go for defensive insurance for Cullen Jenkins and Frank Zombo or put in the tougher, fresher running back? Coin flip says UNDER.

Drops by Green Bay Wide Receivers
Line: 3.5
James Jones is still on the Packers, right? Jennings had 2 last week, Jordy had 1 and Driver had a fumble! They didn't have it together in the first half last week but they will need to be ready this week. UNDER

Number of Plays over 20 Yards by Greg Jennings
Line: 3.5
He's dynamic...he's the #1...but he runs shallow routes as well as deep ones. UNDER

Penalties on Brian Bulaga
Line: 2.5
He had 4 last week. Every one of the Packers penalties was attributed to Bulaga. I'm thinking that McCarthy made it a point to make sure he knew that so I'll take the UNDER.

Will there be a surprise onside kick?
Note the "surprise" part of that question. There may be an onside kick, but it won't surprise anyone. NO

Let's hope the Packer's season doesn't begin and end in Philly... 4 & 26 be damned! I think Fred-Ex had me sign for a package last week so there's no more miracle wide receivers on the Eagles roster. Now if you don't mind, I'm heading down to the buffet...well worth the $5.99!

By the way, make sure to give Chris and Dave something to talk about. If not, it'll just be Chris defending McCarthy's play-calling and Dave railing against Thompson's and Caper's nap-time. Hit them up via their Facebook fan page. You can also share thoughts, questions, snide remarks via e-mail and their Twitter account.
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Winks said...

Sacks - Over

Rush Yards - I'm gonna say Under, but love the Ron Mexico reference.

Interceptions - Under, going with one.

Carries - under

drops - under

20+ by Greggie - under

Penalties - under

Surprise onside kick - no

crichar3 said...

Thanks for playing along, boys. Glad you are having fun with this. We appreciate the run!

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