Friday, January 14, 2011

Playoffs Round 2 Betting Lines

Sorry for my second consecutive tardy post. I'm sure the boss will be by to rap me on the knuckles shortly. What can I say, work gets in the way sometimes. Plus, after my successes the past 2 weeks, round 1's break-even 4-4 record knocked me off my platform and made me contemplate a little more. While I have been kicked out of the swanky spot at the Packers Therapy Hotel and Casino (sponsored by and hosted by Packer Chatters) I'm still in "plus-territory" which is a "paw-sitive". Also wanted to give credit where it is due. Dave went 6-2 this week but was soundly beaten by listener Gabe who went 7-1 and if not for their own controversial call (giving Donald Driver 2 drops instead of 1), would have finished with a clean slate. Great job fellas. Oh, and Gabe, don't mind the tiger in the bathroom, he's fairly friendly.

Anyway, this week the Packers are once again hosted by the Atlanta Falcons. Earlier this year, as you may recall, the Packers lost to the Falcons on a field goal in the closing seconds of the game. It was another close loss by the Packers and another heart-breaker as they lost it with some sloppy play and a controversial call or two. Hopefully the results are different this week but in the mean time, let's see what Chris and Dave have in store for this week.

Combined Rushing & Receiving Yards for James Starks:
Line: 80
All hail future Hall of Famer James Starks. Kneel before him and pray he looks upon you with pity...I kid, I kid, but in all honesty, this guy looked fairly studly last week in Philly. I don't expect him to be as huge but he'll get carries and hopefully open up the play-action game. UNDER

Penalties on Green Bay
Line: 6.5
The Packers had a reasonably clean game last week and Bulaga stayed out of the dog house. This team has done a marvelous job this year with penalties since that debacle in Chicago early on. I've gotta ride the hot hand as McCarthy would say and go with the UNDER.

Touchdown Passes by Aaron Rodgers to Non-Wide-Receivers
Line: 2
While they did well in using the short passing game last week, I think the tape from last week that the Falcon Defense has been viewing will open up the field a little more for Jennings & Company. UNDER

Interceptions Thrown by Matty Ryan
Line: 1.5
Ah, Matty Ice...what have you done to deserve such a name? Yes, he's solid at home but when does the rest of that team get credit? And when will people start attributing some that to Michael Turner? Good arm and smart with the football. UNDER

Rushing Yards by Michael Turner
Line: 90
He did well against Green Bay last time but this Packers Defense has been such a dynamic unit this year and has definitely improved since then. Finally, I get to disagree with Dave! UNDER

Receptions by Tony Gonzalez
Line: 6.5
This is Matt Ryan's go-to guy...well, one of them anyway. It's hard to say that when Roddy White led the league in receptions with 115! Seven is a lot so I've gotta take the UNDER.

Number of Failed 3rd & 2 or Less
Line: 1.5
Boy, what a tough one. McCarthy's infatuation with The John Kuhn Experiment in these situations is terrifying. I hope he's over it because I'm going UNDER.
Total Score
Line: 44
The last game ended with a score of 20-17. I think it'll over that and the total will be close to that line. I believe it'll be OVER by a few points though.

Should be a hell of a game if not an enthralling weekend. I don't know who to root for in the Seattle-Chicago game though. While I never want to see Chicago do well, that whole 12th man deal in Seattle is scary and wouldn't it be tremendous if the Packers were able to win in Atlanta and then play for a chance to go to the Super Bowl in Chicago. As Dave said this week, winning the Halas Trophy in Chicago would be pretty damn cool. What do you think? Bears, Seattle, endless tie?

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Winks said...

Looks like I did alright last week, although was way off on the James Starks carries. As for this week..

Starks - Over, he'll get his.

Penalties - Under.

TDs to non WRs - Under

Picks by Ice - under

Turner - sigh, over

TGonz - under

Failed 3rd and 2 - under

Score - over

I'm optimistic for a win, but I think the Falcons will put up some numbers in a tight one.

crichar3 said...

Thanks for playing along, Gents. Glad you are continuing to have fun with this. We enjoy talking about it on the podcast.

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