Monday, January 31, 2011

Road to the Super Bowl - 6 Days Away

Three things to discuss while reading the first article by Gene Wojciechowski that doesn't suck (Favre's balls):

1. Packers Arrive in Dallas - It was nothing really more than a travel day for the Green Bay Packers, who left from Titletown early Monday morning and arrived in Dallas for a hotel check-in and a couple of media appearances in the afternoon. Tomorrow comes media day, so be sure to check out the late night talk shows tomorrow to see which goofy character they sent down to interview NFL personalities, as well as all the foreign journalists that are somehow less worthy of a press credential down there than The Bucky Channel. Lori Nickel has a few of the nuggets from today, but other than that it was pretty much a day that the Packers used to get settled into their new surroundings for the week.

2. Clay Matthews Wins DPOY... And Loses It Twelve Minutes Later - I checked my phone at about 7:15pm on Monday, and found out that Clay Matthews had won the Defensive Player of the Year award. By winning, that means that in two consecutive years, two different Packers won the award (Woodson last year of course). I returned to my humble abode about an hour later, hopped on my trusty Sony Vaio only to see that Troy Polamalu had actually won instead. What? Polamalu missed nearly the whole month of December, and while the Steelers did suffer in his absence, I don't think you can give the award to a guy who was off the field for such a duration of time. Actually, Polamalu probably deserves it just as much, even though he'll tell you otherwise. Actually, I'm sure Clay will end up winning this award at some point in his career (he lost by just two votes this year), and the fact that he didn't this year will give him extra motivation to dominate in the Super Bowl, so I don't necessarily have a problem with this. Matthews proved the class act, as he congratulated his fellow USC alum on Twitter (He also thanked the NFC for winning the Pro Bowl and then put dollar signs after that tweet. I guess it never struck me that the Packers players named to the Pro Bowl also earned the winners share for the NFC winning the Super Bowl. That's like $45,000 for nothing. Um, that'd be nice to make in one whole year. Extreme sigh).

3. Better Make Those Halftime Adjustments - Now that all the talk surrounding Jay Cutler has finally died down, let's bring up another member of the Chicago Bears. Matt Forte was asked by ProFootballTalk about how tough it is to take on the Packers, and he said the following - “They do a lot of different blitzes. They put a lot of pressure on your protection. You look at film and they blitz safeties, nickel guys, linebackers; they do cross-blitzes; they line up linebackers at defensive end and defensive ends at linebackers. It’s a lot to prepare for." Nice. I was watching NFL Playbook on the network the other day, and yeah, the Packers really do some crazy things on defense that I still can't even comprehend. Thing is, the Steelers have a pretty similar defense. I'm thinking that this Super Bowl is similar to ones we've seen in years past - a first half that is slow and low-scoring, and then a second half that is an offensive explosion. With the Packers winning, of course.

So that's it for today's post.... what's that? You want MORE info on some of the crazy Super Bowl prop bets this year? Well, if I must, here's what to expect out of the post-game Super Bowl MVP thank you via Stock Lemon.


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I guess Polamalu only missed two games. But still...

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