Saturday, January 29, 2011

Road to the Super Bowl - 8 Days Away

Three things to ponder after you watch the worst Packers related song yet...

1. Your Saturday Practice Report - With two weeks to prepare for the biggest game of their lives, McCarthy is still keeping things a bit light at practice and that's fine with me. The players were once again out of their pads, instead likely going through two-minute drills and some number one offense versus defense (the practice was closed to the media). Brian Carriveau of CheeseheadTV fills us in on McCarthy's thoughts on Saturday's practice.

2. Ranking the Super Bowl Players - Let's be honest, it's kind of a slow day. How slow is it? I'm about to bring up the Super Bowl photograph story again. Before I do that though, here's something actually kind of interesting to read -'s Matt Williamson ranks every player in this year's Super Bowl from number 106 to number one.

3. Farewell, Nick Barnett's Twitter Account - Sigh. It appears as if the Packers photograph story isn't dead just yet. Apparently, Barnett said something again, and then Rodgers said something about how he should have been doing his rehab in Green Bay, and now Barnett is firing back at Rodgers on Twitter. This is the worst story of all-time, it really is. ProFootballTalk isn't even doing much to embellish this one, even though they have a history of trying to make the Packers look bad. I can't believe that the Packers are just one week from the Super Bowl and we're still talking about this stupid photo. This is why I hate Twitter most days. Actually, this is why I'm starting to hate Nick Barnett (although his Twitter account appears to be on the verge of shutdown). Long a favorite Packer of mine, I used to wear his jersey with pride. But not anymore. The only reason I think this story is somewhat relevant is that I'm thinking this is his swan song. After the Bishop signing, it appeared like Barnett was on his way out. Now it seems all but certain.

And did someone say they wanted advice on who to bet for in the Pro Bowl?


Stock Lemon said...

Thanks for the shoutout in these posts. Twitter is fine. Athletes on twitter is not fine. These guys don't realize everything they tweet is news, and they continue to tweet things that they would never say to media. Barnett keeps saying things, then apologizing and saying he doesn't want to be a distraction. Well, Nick, so far an entire week has been spent talking about a player who hasn't played since Week 6. We would say that your continued tweets are, in fact, a distraction.

Crazy. We aren't even Packer fans (unless the odds are good) but this story could cost them the Super Bowl. Haven't heard anything like this about the Steelers. Act like you've been there before is a lot easier to do if, you know, you've been there before. Might lock in on Steelers moneyline tomorrow. Unbelievable.

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