Friday, January 28, 2011

Road to the Super Bowl - 9 Days Away

OMGOD. These are the types of things that are bound to happen now that the Super Bowl has entered the YouTube era. Kudos for the effort though. We're back today with a regular edition of our Road to the Super Bowl series, as hopefully my effort yesterday didn't drive you to shoot heroin in public.

1. The Rise of Zombo - While the Steelers continue to get the bad news about guys like Maurkice Pouncey and Aaron Smith, the Packers for once have received some good news injury wise. Frank Zombo was back on the practice field on Friday for the first time since December 17th, and he'll likely be a go for the Super Bowl. But Zombo is aware that Erik Walden will still be the starter, ironically following Zombo's footsteps as a guy that came out of nowhere to replace the previous injured starter. Walden actually was the only player not to practice today due to an ankle sprain suffered on the Soldier Field turf, but he'll be fine by Super Bowl Sunday.

2. Coaches Being Courted - As is the case anytime your team reaches a Super Bowl, attention starts turning to your team's assistant coaches as other teams are looking to fill vacancies (or in the case of Mike Holmgren, clearly indicating that you're leaving for Seattle before the Super Bowl is even played and then your team giving a half-hearted effort in the Super Bowl because of the distraction (second parenthesis just to say that I'm purely basing that rage off of a blurry memory as a fourteen year old)). Dom Capers has already had a few go-rounds as a head coach, and I'm not even sure that he'd be looking to leave for that position again now or in the future. But some of his assistants may be looking for promotions, as it's been reported that the Eagles have requested permission to interview safeties coach Darren Perry once the Super Bowl has passed. Philadelphia is targeting Perry for their defensive coordinator position, but McCarthy could deny that request as Perry has one year left on his contract. Either way, we probably won't hear more on this until after the Super Bowl.

3. Things That Could Have Been Not Good - Because no good event can go off without a terror scare, Cowboys Stadium was put on lockdown Friday morning due to a suspicious looking package. The package in question turned out to be a piece of trash, but I find it newsworthy nonetheless. I've always been afraid that if there was another large scale terror attack on the United States it would come during a sports event, mainly because of how many people would be at the event and how many more eyes would be watching. I'm not even going to try and make a cheap joke here because that's too heavy to think about, so let's move on.

In lighter news, someone almost dropped the Lombardi Trophy today! Now that's a story!

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