Sunday, January 30, 2011

Road to the Super Bowl - One Week Away

We are now one week away from the Super Bowl, and it can't get here soon enough. The Packers are leaving for Dallas on Monday, and McCarthy will try to keep things business as usual and treat this like a normal week (you know, besides having to deal with media day and countless other distractions). We still have seven days to go though, and here are three things to ponder while you spend the night in jail....

1. Okay, Now I Think This Whole Picture Thing is Over - The dumb thing about this whole team picture controversy is that even though I keep saying it's stupid, I still keep writing about it. I really could care less who appears in the actual photo, but I do find this whole "saga" newsworthy for two reasons. One, to me this is just another reason why I don't think Nick Barnett will be a Packer next season. Too dramatic of a guy for my liking. But two, I think this whole "controversy" just highlights how inexperienced this Packers team is when it comes to playing in the Super Bowl. Besides a couple of injures, we've heard nothing this week out of Pittsburgh, meanwhile in Green Bay there's a whole war of words going on about some stupid photograph. The experience factor that Pittsburgh has is really the only thing that's keeping me from betting my life savings on the Packers winning on Sunday. Still, this issue appears to be dead (for the third time) now that Rodgers has called Barnett to hash things out.

2. Rumors Swirl Around Trgovac, Perry - Safeties coach Darren Perry had been rumored as a possible candidate for the defensive coordinator job in Philadelphia, but apparently that is no longer the case (or they could just be saying that for negotiation purposes, you never know). Perry is in the mix however for the defensive coordinator gig in Oakland. Another man who has been receiving interest from teams is defensive line coach Mike Trgovac, but apparently Trgovac wants to stick around in Green Bay. If I had to guess on any of this, I'd say I take Trgovac at his word, but I think Perry might land one of those two gigs come the end of the season, if McCarthy lets him out of his contract that is.

3. NFC 55, AFC 41 - Even though the Super Bowl isn't for another seven days, NFL fans got their football fix on Sunday as the NFC topped the AFC in the annual Pro Bowl. I saw a lot of people on Facebook and Twitter complaining about how the Pro Bowl was a joke of a game, but I can't think that these people were just figuring this out today. I've always liked the Pro Bowl, and I like all-star games of any kind, but I realize that they are nothing more than sloppy exhibitions. If you think anything other than that, you will be disappointed. The game itself was a joke as was alluded to, but a high-scoring one at that. DeAngelo Hall of the Redskins earned MVP honors with one interception and a fumble return for a touchdown. This is a link to the box score, knock yourselves out.


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