Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So Yeah... The Heat Are Pretty Good

Actually, I mean awesome. For those who don't believe it just watch them. The Bucks played an almost perfect first half against the Heat on Tuesday, but the Heat were able to stick around. Then in the second half Miami just kicked it into sixth gear, as the Heat won their 12th straight game 101-89. Not only am I talking about this Heat offense being awesome, but this defense is for real. They just have guys with quick hands and huge bodies. They make it difficult to pass the ball, and the minute you turn it over against this Heat team you might as well put two points on the board for them. Another thing they kill you on is missed shots from close range. On any shot missed from close range and someone for the Heat will run out and gets an easy bucket the other way. That is a huge swing for the Heat, because they kept you from scoring two points, but they score two for themselves. And this happens all night long.

I guess I could go on all day about how great this team is, but lets talk about the loss on Tuesday first. As I said, the Bucks were the better team for the first 24 minutes of this game. They played okay in the third quarter, but the Heat turned it on in the fourth quarter. A late 13-0 run by the Heat is what buried the Bucks for good. It also was able to give Bosh/James/Wade some time to rest for the final two minutes.

A couple of things killed the Bucks tonight. Milwaukee shot 26-34 from the free throw, but they seemed to miss a lot of those shots in the second quarter when they got to the line like 20 times. At that point in time they could have built up their lead to more pressure on the Heat. Another thing that hurt was rebounding, because the Bucks got our rebounded 47-34. The Heat also had 12 offensive rebounds. To beat teams like this you have to make your free throws and rebound the ball.

If like me you think the Bucks could have won this game tonight, we won't have to wait long to get another crack at the Heat. The two teams will square off again on Friday night at the Bradley Center. The only problem with that is that the Bucks still have to face the Magic on Wednesday night, and the Heat don't play again until Friday. So Miami should have the fresh legs in the game, but maybe they will also be a little rusty. Either way Milwaukee can't look past a Magic team that made some huge trades to bring in some more talent. The Magic look real good right now, and will be no easy task for this short handed Bucks team. If you want to see the Bucks again go up against tough adds, tune in Wednesday on FSN Wisconsin at 6pm Central time.


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