Thursday, January 6, 2011

Surprsingly, Jennings Not the Slam Dunk Favorite

Well, after watching that video we at least now know that Brandon Jennings actually can dunk. I still can't get over how random of a selection BJ3 was for the Slam Dunk contest, and it really is a shame guys like LeBron James won't do the contest and no-namers like Serge Ibaka are in play instead. Yeah, these guys can dunk by definition, but the Slam Dunk contest is supposed to be a show. I'm not sure how much of a show Jennings will be able to put on. Then again, hopefully he'll surprise me.

Believe it or not, Jennings isn't the favorite in this contest, as that honor would go to Blake Griffin. Griffin has 1:2 odds to win the thing according to, which puts him as the easy frontrunner. Jennings' odds aren't half-way bad, he's listed at 5:2. Coming in next is JaVale McGee at 5:1, and then Serge Ibaka at 7:1. Here's another fun fact: at 6'1'', Jennings is the smaller player in the competition, by nine inches.

The Slam Dunk Contest will take place on February 19th.


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