Saturday, January 15, 2011

This Bucks Team Looks Worried

What are you guys worried about? You are the 10th seed in the East right now, you have an easy schedule the rest of the season, and you guys only lost by one to the the 8th seed in the East 95-94. Andrew Bogut seems to get hurt every game, Delfino and Jennings should be back soon, and the Bucks can't make a game winner for the life of them. Are those really things we should be worried about? 

You bet your ass they are.

This team is just down in the dumps right now, and really need a spark to get going. Don't get me wrong I love Scott Skiles, but right now I have to put this on you. Even though I feel that Brandon Jennings is the true leader of this team, he's still out with that injury. Skiles is next in line, and I'm looking to you to get the Bucks out of this funk.

I really thought that Andrew Bogut could be a team leader, but watching the last 3 minutes in the game Friday night I learned that he can't be a leader. The Bucks had a 92-90 lead with 3 minutes to go, before Spencer Hawes made a 15 foot jumper to tie the game at 92. He was wide open, because Bogut instead was doubled on Lou Williams. On the other end of the floor you'd think the Bucks would look more to Bogut offensively, but that wasn't the case either. I would let him go to work, and the put the game in his hands. With 2:02 to play the Bucks looked elsewhere for offensive help, as Corey Maggette made a sweet running to give the Bucks a 94-92 lead with 2:02 to go.

This is when things got ugly for the Bucks. The Bucks played awesome defense on the next 76ers possession down the court, and forced a turnover on a Maggette block. Milwaukee had a chance to go up by four, but was unable to even get a shot off. The best they could do was let Gooden try a fade away from about 28 feet. The ball got to about the free throw line were Bogut caught it for a shot clock violation. This is when the Buck killer turned it on again for the 76ers. Lou Williams made a tough three point shot with 43 seconds to go in the game, and put the 76ers up one. More on Lou later in the post, but this shot was very tough so we can't blame it on lack of defense. Salmons missed an 18 foot jump shot for the Bucks on the next possession, even though it was on a good look. Bogut stole the ball from Lou Williams, because there was no way anyone else was going to take a shot for them.

Down one with 11 seconds to go you have to think the Bucks could get off a good shot. They decided to put the game in Maggette's hands, and let him try to drive for a hoop or maybe get fouled. He made a good drive, but Iguodala made a great play on defense to get the block. Maggette didn't give up on the play, and got on the floor to get a pass out to Boykins. Earl fired up a three that would have won it at the horn, but it was to long off the rim for a crushing Bucks defeat. Milwaukee was down 14 in the second quarter at one point. The Bucks never led by more than two point on the night. That has been a problem all year. They'll fight back from being down big, but can never build a lead on the other team

I want to talk about Lou Williams some more because I can see this guy playing for the Bucks some day. He always seems to be the guy who just owns the Bucks when we play this 76ers team. He finished with 25 points Friday night against the Bucks, and scored 19 the first time the Bucks lost to them this year. He doesn't really fill the stat sheet other than scoring, but he makes huge shots with guys in his face. Reason why I see him being a Buck someday is that the Bucks love to bring in people that kill them. Then again, if he keeps playing this well against other teams maybe he will be a Sixer for life. I don't know what the future holds for this guy, but I hope Saturday March 12th when he comes to the Bradley Center we can shut him down.

I have to admit I'm getting a little worried about this Bucks team's lack of offense. The defense seems to be there, but when the game is close late they don't seem to have that go to guy. Maybe that is the problem with making a team that has all very good role players, but no real go to man. Next week the Bucks have four games, and I feel that these are some big games for them. They should go 3-1, and maybe even go 4-0.

Monday night they have the Houston Rockets who will be a tough game, but one I think they can handle. Wednesday they have John Wall making his first stop at the Bradley Center, but he doesn't scare me. Friday night Milwaukee will travel to Cleveland, we all know what I think about them. Saturday night the Memphis Grizzles make their only stop at the Bradley Center, and I see this being the toughest game all week. Then again what do I know, because I also felt that this team could have a shot at the fourth seed in the East. Every game will be on TV this week with the exception of Monday's game, because it is Martin Luther King Day. The game is on during the day, and will not be covered by FSN.


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