Friday, January 21, 2011

This Week in Marquette Hoops

I want to eventually write up a quick post after every Marquette game, but it is hard to get up for posting when they play like they did last Saturday. After games like that I'd rather be puking than reliving that terrible performance. Of course, you all know what game I'm referring too - the game against Louisville on Saturday morning. It was a great basketball game, but the only problem was that it was not cool throughout the final five minutes, because Marquette apparently forgot to finish out the game. Darius Johnson-Odom hit two free throws to give Marquette a 65-47 lead with 5:44 to go. But Marquette only made two field goals the rest of the game, and Louisville finished the game on a 24-5 run. I guess I can do the math for you on this one, but that means Louisville won 71-70.

The Golden Eagles have to figure out how to close out these games if they want to ever be a ranked team. Marquette is a physical team that can get to the free throw line, but sometimes have a hard time making those shots especially down the stretch. Against Louisville they were 28-38 from the line, and then against DePaul on Tuesday they finished 19-29. If this team could shoot even a little better from the line I think they could close out games better.

Speaking of DePaul, the game against them was an old fashioned "take your frustration out on this crappy team", game for Marquette. DePaul came to the Bradley Center, and this one was never close. Five players scored in double figures for MU, as the Golden Eagles rolled to a 94-64 win. They will need to keep winning these type games, because the schedule does not get any easier. Speaking of which, they have a big match up against Notre Dame on Saturday at 6:00 central. They just played about two weeks ago, and Marquette took it to them. Now they will have to go on the road to try and beat them again.

As it stands, Marquette is 6th in the Big East with a 4-2 record, and a 13-6 mark overall. The next four games will be all tough games, but also games that will get this team some recognition if they can win them. Four ranked teams make up the next four games - at Notre Dame, vs. UConn, vs. Syracuse, and at Villanova. By February 2nd we should know exactly what kind of team Buzz Williams has, so strap in for a ride as Marquette tries to get into the Top 25 by beating teams that are currently there.


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