Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thompson Locks Up Bishop

No matter what happens to Green Bay in the 2010 Playoffs, what this season will probably be known for is the rash amount of injuries to the Packers and how they overcame them. The Packers injured reserve list is an All-Pro lineup including Jermichael Finley, Ryan Grant, Brandon Chillar, Mark Tauscher, and Nick Barnett. Focus not on the fact that I mentioned Brandon Chillar as an All-Pro, but rather realize that if there was one positive to these guys getting injured, it was that it gave others a chance to step up and make an impact on this team.

One of those that have stepped up brilliantly this season has been linebacker Desmond Bishop, and he will be rewarded kindly for his efforts. Bishop broke out on the national stage when he took a Brett Favre interception to the end zone on Sunday Night Football, and now he'll be breaking the bank with a new 4-year, $19 million contract extension.

My favorite thing about Ted Thompson's style of management is that (for the most part) he doesn't let his young guys get away. He certainly didn't want to see Bishop head out the door either, and now Bishop goes right into the discussion as to who will start at linebacker in 2011 (as always, if there is a 2011 season). A.J. Hawk is due $10 million next year, and one way or another that's not happening. Nick Barnett is on the books for a healthy $6 million as well. Bishop's signing has brought up talk that one of either Barnett or Hawk is for sure out the door, however I'd like to see the Packers work it out so that everyone sticks around. Knowing how much Thompson values depth, here's hoping they will.


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