Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Week 17 Pack Fan / Bears Fan

Whew...the Packers made it into the postseason by the skin of their teeth. Credit Lovie Smith with making this team earn this playoff berth by playing his starters the whole game. It was either a really smart thing or really stupid. Had Forte, Peppers or someone of their ilk been injured, he'd be getting all kinds of heat today.

This was an intense game from the opening kick. There were missed opportunities, an ill-timed time-out, a number of controversial plays and a Jay Cutler interception to end the game. CUTLER FACE! This was a defensive struggle in the truest sense of the word with a final score of 10-3 and both offenses had a tough time moving the ball at all. This was CLASSIC Bears Packers; Packers playoff implications, final regular season game, Bears at Lambeau, cold and windy weather, jacked-up doesn't get any better than that.

This is a true Pack Fan / Bears Fan...filled with intrigue and mystique...ah, I'm just bull-shitting...I'm talking about pluses and minuses of a damn football game. Where's the mystique in that? Unless...nope, that horrible hack David Blaine didn't play in the game...on to the...the...well, whatever you call this:

Pack Fan
  1. Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!?: Yes, it's an obvious positive and the reference isn't original either but dammit this is so positive, it's almost disgusting. This walking MASH unit has defied most people and made the playoffs despite not being a member of the NFC West and losing a plethora of key and fill-in players on both offense and defense. The Packers beat the Bears to do it as well. This was a true team effort. Offense, defense and special teams played a huge part in this win.
  2. Defense: Capers Crew came through...again. Charlie Peprah's interception in the end zone was HUGE! It was definitely a momentum swinger and Nick Colins' pick to seal it was icing on the cake. Yes, Jay Cutler was, well, Jay Cutler, but the halftime adjustments were great. Where Forte was gashing the line in the first half, those holes just weren't there in the second and where the hell did Erik Walden come from? This was a statement win...not flashy but it proved the mettle of these guys.
  3. Masthay: Yup...the punter. This dude has progressed this season and it culminated with his directional kicks to limit Devin Hester. Hester was the x-factor for the Bears and with only one return with significant yardage, Masthay did his job and that exactly what was needed.
Bears Fan

  1. Inconsistency: One week the offense scores 45 and looks like a world beater, the next they struggle to get 10. I know the NFL is unpredictable but come on. The Bears defense is not 35 points better than the Giants defense. Perhaps the offense was tight knowing they had to win to move on but that's playoff football.
  2. Poor Execution: Two drops for Jennings in the first that was eerily similar to the ricochet interception in the Lions game. Another drop by Jones (no surprise there), four penalties on Bulaga, a fumble by was a tough day at the office. The best example was the play on the goalline where Rodgers faked the quarterback dive only to pull up and flip it to Jackson who could have walked in had the ball not been thrown at his feet. Instead, it turned into a loss and the Packers settled for a field goal.
  3. Running Game: My apologies...I thought the Packers had something there. I was wrong...but then again, who knows this week. See #1.
A good win but there are definitely things that are concerning. I'm just wondering who shows up this week? Will Cullen Jenkins or Frank Zombo be back? Will the powerful offense show or will they pack the anemic one for the trip to Philadelphia. Well, at least I didn't mention 4th & 26...Doh!


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