Wednesday, February 16, 2011

260 More Weeks of Rickie

Okay, sometimes I try to be a little too clever with these titles, and I think this is one of those times. I'm not even sure I did the math correctly, and the new Rickie Weeks deal is more of an extension than it is a signing. Plus, there are option years and other contract quirks. But let's not let my weak attempt at cleverness overshadow the fact that the Brewers took a very big step towards being contenders past 2011, as they basically locked in Weeks' services for years to come.

The deal has yet to become official, but when it does it's expected to be announced in the 5-year, $50 million range (Update: The official deal seems to be four years, $38.5 million with an option for year five). As Haudricourt explains, there is an option year that's included in the deal, and the exact specifics will be announced once Weeks takes a physical exam, but either way it sounds like a deal that I'm going to be a fan of.

The thing with baseball is, I'm pretty much a fan of any deal that locks up a young player for an extended period of time, because when there's no hard salary cap you can afford offer contracts like that more. Granted, Mark Attanasio has been much more willing to open his pocketbook than the Selig family was, so we're lucky in that sense to have an owner that is willing to pay more when needed. But Weeks is a proven stud at second base. He's had some bad luck with injuries, but in my opinion he was our best offensive player last season, and I can't imagine a Brewers team the next few years without Weeks.

While this move does lock down the second base position for years to come, it's still clear that until something gets solved with Prince Fielder then 2011 has to be the Brewers window to "go for it", as they did in 2008 with CC Sabathia. The Brewers have one of the best staffs in the NL (Central, at least), and we've always known their offense has been able to score. My gosh, I just got really excited for this season all of a sudden. Sipping Summer Shandy while eating a brat and listening to Uecker on the deck. I'm ready for that, I think.


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