Monday, February 21, 2011

All-Star Weekend Recap

It was successful weekend for the NBA as this year's annual All-Star game took place in Los Angeles. We got to see some young talent make a name for themselves on the big stage. Blake Griffin and JaVale McGee put on a show to be remembered in the Slam Dunk contest. On Sunday night the East almost had the comeback of a lifetime, but Kobe was able to power the West to the win. And keeping true to form, our very own Brandon Jennings kept his cold streak going by not shooting very well in the Rookie/Sophomore game on Friday night. Elsewhere:

* John Wall had 22 assists Friday night to lead the rookies to a 148-140 win over the Sophomores. As mentioned, not a good night for Brandon Jennings, maybe he should have just taken the weekend off.

* Carmelo Anthony was asked everyday if he would still be a Denver Nugget come Tuesday. His reply was simple, "I think we play Memphis Tuesday, and I'll be playing in the game." Kobe gave him some good support during the game to try and keep his mind off of all the rumors, but I think it is kind of crap that Melo has to put up with this. He just wanted to have fun this weekend, but no one would just let him be. My guess right now there's about an 80% chance he gets traded by Thursday.

* Stephen Curry took the Taco Bell Skills Challenge Championship Saturday night. Chris Paul thought it was his year, but he missed the opening lay up. He was never able to recover. Curry posted a 28.2 final run to beat Russell Westbrook.

* James Jones captured the Foot Locker 3-Point Contest Title Saturday night. Paul Pierce couldn't get the job done, and neither could Ray Allen, the all time three point shooting champions. I would have to say this one was a little bit of an upset. Jones is known for shooting the tray ball, but I was surprised to see him hold up under the spotlight.

* Blake Griffin basically won the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest the minute he was entered. Being the home town boy in the dunk contest this was too easy for Blake. I really feel that McGee was screwed, because he put on one hell of a show. Blake Griffin did jump over the front end of a car, but really if you look were he took off it wasn't that crazy. The Dunk Contest is starting to become about what can you do to make the dunk seem better. Serge Ibaka took off from the free throw line, and he only got a 45. I mean, he maybe had a middle toe on the line or something. Overall though, this had to have been the best dunk contest in sometime.

* In the All-Star game itself, Kobe lead the West to victory despite LeBron netting a triple double for the East. It may have started off slow, but as the game went on the action started picking up. Kobe finished with a game high 37 points, and had 14 rebounds. James finished with 29 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists for the second triple double in All-Star history. The only other player to do it in history was Michael Jordan.

I really think that the NBA All-Star weekend is one of the better all-star events in sports. It is a fun weekend where all the players can get together, and (at least try to) put their rivalries aside for one night. Case in point, during the game Sunday night LeBron made a huge play late in the game to try and get the East back in it, and Garnett jumped out of his seat in joy. I can bet that is the last time this season Garnett does anything like that for any play James has. The Dunk Contest got back to tall people doing crazy dunks, not Nate Robinson doing something for people and earning their sympathy vote. Now let's get a little depressing and chat Bucks for a bit:

* Larry Sanders got sent down to the D-League Sunday night. I think this will be good for him to get some minutes and improve his game a bit.

* Michael Redd is set to return to the team on Monday. When might we see him on the court? I have no clue, but he will be practicing starting Monday. We could use a guy that can make a jumper right now, because no one else is doing anything.

* The Bucks start their final part of the season at home against Minnesota at 7:00 Central time. The game will be on FSN Wisconsin, per usual.

The Bucks have some work to do, as they start 3 1/2 games out of the eighth seed in the East. It will take someone to step up in order for this team to make a late run. Who will be that guy? Right now I see no one that sticks out. John Salmons did it last year, maybe he will step up and provide a repeat performance. We are paying him a lot of money, so I hope he does play awesome down the stretch. Anyone can be the hero though, we just need to close out this season a lot better than we started it.


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