Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big Game Badgers

March 3, 1962 - Wisconsin defeats an undefeated #1 Ohio State basketball team. Since then, Wisconsin has gone 0-18 versus teams ranked #1...until Saturday, February 12, 2011. Wisconsin overcame a 15-point deficit in the second half to extend Ohio State's 11 year winless streak at the Kohl Center and keep the slate clean at home.

Wisconsin started the game with a controlled pace with tough defense and accurate shooting from beyond the arc. A late flurry by Ohio State closed the gap and actually found the Buckeyes leading by 2 at halftime. The second half opened with the Buckeyes maintaining the first half momentum and sprinting out the the aforementioned 15 point assisted by cold shooting and lackadaisical defense by Bucky. It's at this point that the Jordan Taylor stepped in and took over.

Taylor took the ball in his hands and started burying threes and spurring the Badgers to their typical suffocating defense. Once the Badgers tied the game at 47, it was theirs from that point on. The Kohl Center was rockin' and the energy was palpable through the television. Once it was tied, the Badgers clamped down on defense knowing they would have their chances on the free-throw line which is exactly what happened.

71-67 - #13/#14 Wisconsin over #1 Ohio State...the second time in four months a Wisconsin team has beaten a #1 ranked Ohio State team (October 16, 2010: Ohio State 18 - Wisconsin 31).

Bo Ryan deserves a lot more credit than he gets. With Dick Vitale singing the praises of the Buckeyes and Jared Sulliinger and claiming the Badgers weren't a team capable of coming back from such a deficit, Bo's Boys did just that. A fact not lost on a certain Super Bowl MVP.


Tony Brown said...

I'm also sick of people being surprised by how good Jordan Taylor is. They obviously don't watch any Badger games at the end of last year or the beginning of this year. Badger players under Bo Ryan do something odd in college basketball these days - progress.

Winks said...

Thanks guys for keeping this site afloat while I was in Memphis!!!

What a good weekend for Wisconsin sports! Oh wait, Marquette lost. And shit, the Bucks suck. Oh well, at least my new Super Bowl hat is comfortable!

Turtle said...

Not even supposed college basketball pundits and those in the know give this kid the respect he deserves. He didn't get nominated for the Cousy Award? Ridiculous!

I really hope Bo gets him to stick around next year. I'd think Ryan could get him to stick id anyone could.

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