Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bucks Beat Clippers, But Fall To Nuggets

We now know that at least one person read my Bucks post the other night, as Scott Skiles finally put Mbah a Moute and Delfino in the starting line up. The only problem is it that the lineup worked for one game only. On Monday the Bucks scored over 100 points, and crushed the Clippers 102-78. But on Wednesday the Bucks were ice cold, and despite having a late lead but still lost to the Nuggets 94-87. With the game being on ESPN last night the announcers were talking about both teams equally, so it was interesting to get a fresh perspective. But they nailed it on the head when they questioned if the Bucks have the wrong personnel to become a winner, or if all these injuries are the reason we can't win.

This scenario makes it hard for John Hammond, because I think he feels he should make a move. This team was projected to win around 50 games (believe it or not) and finish somewhere in the top 4 of the East. With the All-Star break now upon us this team is looking like a team that will have ping pong balls in the lottery. Milwaukee has 27 games left, so at least the season isn't over. But it will take a hell of a second half of the season to make anything of this season.

Thanks to the break though, they will get a good rest before they head back to work on Tuesday against the Timberwolves. Brandon Jennings is the only guy who will take part of All-Star weekend as a part of the sophomore/rookie challenge, but others may go just for support or the fact to hang out. No matter what they do this weekend, these guys should really take their minds off of the season for a bit and maybe regroup. The shots that they were making last year are just not being made this season. They are last in the league in scoring, and last in the league in assists. But they are third in the league for points allowed, so if they could just bump up their scoring they could make something yet of this year.

As mentioned, Brandon Jennings will be playing Friday in the Rookie/Sophomore game. The tip is set for 8:00 Central time on TNT. For more information on the game check it out here, if you please. After that, the Bucks are back on Tuesday at home against Minnesota. Then they travel to the Garden on Wednesday to face the Knicks. This is not an easy start to the second half for the Bucks, but they are teams that can be beat. The good news is that the next 27 games should go by fast, and if it is a bad season it will be over soon. How's that for optimism?

For more on the Bucks, Jeremy of Bucksketball did a Q&A with PocketDoppler this morning, you can check out the interview here.


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