Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Morning YouTube Potpourri

Yeah, you read that right. After some heavy deliberations, I have decided to tentatively retire the #FollowFriday feature here at The Bucky Channel. The reason? It's not effective. The most telling sign of this came when I linked to Turtle's personal account and he actually lost followers. So yeah, for now let's put that little feature on the backburner.

In it's place, we've moved the Saturday Morning YouTube Potpourri to the dreaded Friday morning death slot, but I think fans will put together a "Fringe"-type rally and follow it to it's new home. We have a doozy of a video this week, which I hijacked off of James' Facebook feed. The video can simply be described as "Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric have no idea what the Internet is". Nothing against the two of them, as this video comes to us from 1994, but it's always weird to think about a time when the Internet didn't exist. Simpler times, really...


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