Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gasser Truly is Our Hero

Sadly, we here at The Bucky Channel haven't really been down for same day reaction when it comes to our basketball posts, but I think Josh Gasser's bank in three shot to win it on the road against Michigan earns that honor on this site. The Badgers and the Wolverines got together in one of those weird Big Ten Network 5:30pm starts, but all you needed to see in this one was the finish. Gasser only had five points on the night, but his final three were the biggest as he enters the pantheon of All-Time Badgers greats in terms of bank shots, joining the love him or hate him player that was Brian Butch.

Josh Gasser's moment in glory actually never should have come, as the Wolverines were on pace to wrap up a quality win against the visiting Badgers. With twenty-two seconds left, the Badgers were down two and gearing for one final possession, but only down two because Michigan couldn't ice the game on free throws the series before. Michigan was playing hack-a-Bucky has they had plenty of fouls to give, but with one second on the clock Josh Gasser found himself at the top of the key alone with the ball. All he could do was throw up a prayer, a prayer which was answered by the glass and it deflected the shot right back into the net.

The Badgers picked up a 53-52 win in a hostile road environment, continuing the very impressive stretch of basketball they've been playing as of late. Wisconsin has three more regular season games left to play, one against Northwestern, one at Indiana, and then a big regular season finale at Ohio State. But clearly, this game on Wednesday night was more important to the Wolverines, yet they weren't able to pick up the win. It's always nice to deliver a loss to a rival on their home court, but it's even more special to do it in ridiculous fashion.


Tony Brown said...

I too thought of the Big Brian Butch Bank at Indiana. I think the best part of the highlight was how happy Jordan Taylor was. He got in a good tackle on Gasser. White people love assists, and so does Jordan Taylor.

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