Monday, February 21, 2011

Let's Practice Some Buckytology

Here's a look at The Bucky Channel's own version of Bracketology, which is basically just us reposting and commenting on's version written by Andy Katz. It's also a chance for me to chime in about some of the goings on in college basketball, something I have been highly inconsistent in this year.

We'll look first at the Wisconsin Badgers, who are once again proving that it doesn't matter who is on this team, Bo Ryan will find a way to get the job done. Sure, this team does have it's fair share of talent, but a lot of the preseason predictions I saw put the Badgers in the four, five, maybe even six spot in the Big Ten this year. But here they are with four regular season games to go sitting at third in the conference. Their 20-6 record, which includes an unblemished record at home, has them nationally ranked at number twelve in both polls.

Katz has the Badgers as a number three seed right now (against Fairfield) which is more than appropriate. A three seed is probably where they will settle in at, I can't see them falling further than a four or making it higher than a two. Their run in the Big Ten tournament likely won't matter, simply because the brackets are usually decided upon before the Big Ten tournament is over (historically the Big Ten final has been the last game before the Selection Show). But Wisconsin is sitting pretty right now, which is a lot more than we can say for their friendly rivals one hour East.

Those rivals, Marquette, weren't expect to dominate this year by any means but they have been playing much better than their record indicates. The Golden Eagles are 16-11 overall with a 7-7 record in the Big East, and nowhere near the rankings. Anonymous Eagle puts them at 11th in the Big East power rankings, and their under performance can mainly be attributed to their inability to close out games. But still, Katz has Marquette sitting as an eleven seed, and they seem to be just on the right edge of the bubble. The thing with Marquette is that even though their record is worse than they want it to be, they don't really have a bad loss. Every team they lost to is either ranked now or was ranked at the time that they played, and it looks like Katz thinks the committee will see that.

But Marquette can't just sit back on it's mediocre record and hope for the best. Their best bet would be to take down their final four opponents, which may not be too daunting of a task. They have Seton Hall, Cincinnati, and Providence on the docket, but all those games come after this Thursday's contest against #15 Connecticut. A win versus the Huskies would all but seal a tournament bid for the Golden Eagles, but a loss would make the road ahead much tougher.

So that's your look at Buckytology. Can't say that there was much new information in this short little blurb, but it's been awhile since I posted so I wanted to get back into the swing of things. In the next couple of days, I'll be posting an apology to Twitter and my review of the Maple Street Press Brewers Annual, so stay tuned for that!


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