Sunday, February 13, 2011

Marquette Can't Hold Off G-Town

A graphic was shown during the Marquette/Georgetown on Sunday that featured Marquette as one of the Big East bubble teams. I'm afraid that the result of this game could the one be does Marquette in this season and bursts their bubble once an for all. They will almost have to beat St. John's on Tuesday in a must win type scenario. It would be huge if they beat UConn in a week and a half. If they can't take care of business in the regular season, then they will really have to win a lot of games in the Big East Tourney.

It looked promising at times, but in the end Marquette fell short to the Hoyas 69-60. Marquette was the best team in the first half, but really got screwed by one call. DJO made a three to put Marquette up 29-21. He was then called for a technical, because he put up the three fingers around his eye like Brandon Jennings does. I guess I don't know where you draw the line for college celebrations. How is that any different from a guy tugging on his jersey and showing off his heart? I say as long as they don't say anything, or do Reggie Miller choke signs, you should let them be. The Hoyas would make both free throws, and then made a three after that.

That one sequence really did change the game a lot. Marquette could have went on a nice run right before halftime, but the call was made. You can't blame the one call for the loss, but it just seemed that Georgetown got all the calls in this game. The officiating was just one of the problems for Marquette however. They worked so hard on defense in the first half, but wore down late in the game. Jae Crowder and Dwight Buycks were very cold on offense, as they combined for 8 points.

Chris Wright was on fire Sunday for Georgetown, as he finished with 20 points on 5-9 shooting from downtown. Downtown shooting is what really did in Marquette, because they only made two of the twelve shots they took. Marquette did get 12 points out of Davante Gardner, but he ended up fouling out. He is only averaging four points a game, so it was big to get some offense from him. He is a big body, but needs to learn how to move his feet on defense.

So with St. John's up on Tuesday, it really does feel like a much win situation. St. John's has beat some good teams this year, so they will get some looks from the tournament committee for their resume. They blew out Duke a couple weeks ago, which leads me to believe they are the real deal. It will not be an easy game, but Marquette does get to play them at home. Tip will be at 8:00 central time at the Bradley Center.


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